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Woodland Plantation – – 21997 Hwy 23, West Point a La Hache, Louisiana, USA – MAP

Woodland Plantation

Woodland was built in the lost row of West Point a La Hache, leading up to the Southern tip of New Orleans.  The mansion finished in 1830 by Captain William Johnson, a known pirate originating from Nova Scotia in Canada.

Woodland Plantation, West Point a La Hache, Louisiana
Woodland Plantation – – Current Day

Johnson and his four sons ran a successful sugar plantation, but success never suppressed his passion.  He became a partner of the notorious pirate Jean Lafitte who housed newly bought slaves at Woodland Plantation.

Infamous Pirate - - Jean Lafitte
Infamous Pirate – – Jean Lafitte

Thankfully the old slave houses were destroyed by Hurricane Betsy in the 1960’s.

One of only a few plantations to survive the Civil War, it’s use declined until the 1920’s when Prohibition brought bootleggers who stored illegal booze in the house.

In 1999, the Creppel family purchased what was left of the abandoned house and restored it into the most unique bed and breakfast around.  Today it offers an interesting experience to stay in a museum with its ghosts.

Woodland Plantation on Southern Comfort label
Southern Comfort Liqueur

Fun Fact :: The house was made internationally famous by being featured on the Southern Comfort liqueur label up until 2010 when they switched to New Orleans’ Jackson Square.


Technically unidentified, the resident ghost of Woodland is seen in a silk hat, stripped pants and a gold cane.

Some have guessed it’s the ghost of Braddish Johnson, the son of William Johnson (who built the Plantation).

His ghost moves furniture and paintings but never disrespects or bothers guests.  The owners like the idea of having such an interesting and considerate spirit.

Other energies include a little boy and 2 women seen with a mysterious looking man.  Plus much residual energy leading to many footsteps heard and activity experienced throughout the house.

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