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Willard Library – – 21 North 1st Avenue, Evansville, Indiana, USA – MAP

History of Willard Library

This is the oldest library in Evansville.  An idea seen to completion by its namesake Willard Carpenter.  Finished in 1885 just two years after Willard died from a stroke in 1883.  They completed it in his honor.

Town’s Love, Family’s Hate – – 
Respect for the man by town council and local media didn’t extend to the public or his family.  After his death, local papers revealed hatred people felt towards Willard Carpenter,

“No man in Evansville, living or dead, has had as many unpleasant things said of him”

These enemies came from Willard’s many unethical business dealings and constant lawsuits.

Willard Library, Evansville, Indiana, USA
Historic photo of Willard Library – – Evansville, Indiana

His family felt the same way as he was generous with the town and local charities, but not them.  Always at odds with his wife and kids.Telling his children as he got closer to death they would receive little inheritance, and saying to his daughter Louise she’d get nothing.

His wife forced to use shady tactics.  She threatened to not co-sign for the deeding of Willard Library to its Trustees which would have stopped the project.  Her demand… wanting some property and a home from her husband.


The resident ghost of Willard Library is being a spiteful daughter.  Louise Carpenter was always at odds with her strict father.  She’s the one he swore would get nothing.

1937 – –
A night janitor was alone in the building after forcing himself through the weather and snow to get to his job.  It’s 3am (the witching house) and he walked down the (http://courierpressblogs.com/libraryghost/cams/basementroom/ – copy and paste) basement hallway to shovel coal into the furnace.  Stopping when in front of him a figure standing in the darkness.

He said it was an “all-grey” lady with grey shoes and veil over her face.  He said she “dissolved into shadows”

Now seemingly the only active ghost in Willard Library, Louise seems to be haunting her father’s greatest achievement out of spit.  The legend stating that until the library is turned over to the rightful Carpenter family heirs, the Gray Lady will continue to haunt visitors.

She probably didn’t realize how popular ghost hunting would become.

**See the “Library Ghost” (http://courierpressblogs.com/libraryghost/ – copy and paste) Live Webcams

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