Vietnam’s Most Haunted | 3 Ghostly Places

Exploring Vietnam’s Most Haunted Places

by Jane Walsh (Ghost Articles Contributor)

Exploring Vietnam’s Most Haunted Places
Exploring Vietnam’s Most Haunted Places

Vietnam is a country with 96 million people, many of whom believe in ghosts and ghost lore.

As a result, plenty iconic Vietnam locations are thought to be haunted.  Because of a history of warfare and colonialism, some of these locations are haunted with the ghosts of soldiers and the victimized.

Their government has tried to suppress a belief in ghosts, but belief is not so easily exterminated.  Ghosts continue to haunt locations all over the country – if only metaphorically.

Con Dao

Con Dao is a group of islands off the southeast coast of Vietnam.  Formerly a penal colony under the French, they contain a prison that once housed hundreds of thousands of prisoners and a bridge built by hundreds of them.

Both bridge and prison are deemed haunted.  The supposed ghost of a woman in a white dress has been spotted on the defunct bridge.  One witness identified the apparition as a Hungry Ghost, an ravenous breed of spirit embedded in Vietnamese mythology.

Other ghosts, presumably former prisoners, supposedly wander the abandoned prison grounds. Grisly visions and history aside, Con Dao is popular with tourists for its reefs, beaches, and lush rain forests.

Ho Thuy Tien Water Park

Located in Hue province on a lake that shares its name, Ho Thuy Tien Water Park may not be haunted, but it’s certainly one of the creepiest places in Vietnam.

Construction began in 2001 and opened in 2004, in a half-finished state that never became full.  After closing a few years later, the park became a popular destination for urban explorers.

The reason for explorers is obvious.  The park is 50 hectares of abandoned buildings, slides, rides, and astonishing sculptures which include a giant dragon.  Since Ho Thuy Tien is so expansive and rustic, traveling is recommended via dirt bike or motorcycle.

Although the water park is a likely spot for ghosts, visitors should be more worried about crocodiles than ghosts while traveling around the lake.  But according to reports, the lake has been drained and all the crocodiles left.

727 Tran Hung Dao

Although 727 Tran Hung Dao was demolished in 2018, this building was considered so haunted that if a ghost can survive demolition, it’s there.

Located at 727 Tran Hung Dao in Ho Chi Minh City was an apartment complex that reportedly housed American soldiers during the Vietnam War.  The complex was plagued by accidents, many blaming it’s exactly 13 floors (an unlucky number).  Ghosts were said to haunt the premises, including an American soldier and his Vietnamese girlfriend.

The building is gone, but ghostly happenings may continue in whatever new development goes up at 727 Tran Hung Dao.

Supernatural belief is not encouraged by Vietnam’s government.  This doesn’t stop residents and tourists from speculating on the ghosts of aesthetically and historically creepy places.  Con Dao, Ho Thuy Tien Water Park, and 727 Tran Hung Dao all fit the bills.

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