How to Safely Use the Ouija Board


How do I use the Ouija Board?

My goal was to create instructions for the Ouija Board which actually work.  After 15 years of countless sessions, a logical fear-free approach and conversations with many spirits… this manifested.

An organized team method.  A rational guide to talking with the dead.

What is a Ouija Board?

Walk the aisle of your local toy store and in the board game section you’ll see that special box.  Dark with scary fonts to draw you in.  Maybe it’s pink, or based on Netflix’s Stranger Things.

The name says it all, in bold, “Ouija”

Communication with the Dead – –

A successfully run session is the best way to talk with the dead (aka conscious energy of the departed).

Ever watch a psychic on the board?  A quick planchette.  Communication is clear.  That’s what I want for you!  It’s been my obsession for over 15 years.  People told me to stop.  Said my soul would be damned.  It doesn’t feel damned.

Evil or Misunderstood

Have you seen The Exorcist?  1970’s movie about a little girl possessed by a demon.  There’s a scene with the little girl named Reagan in her basement alone.  Mom walks in to see her playing with a Ouija board.

“Who are you talking to?”  The little girl says, “My friend, Captain Howdy”.

Strangely, this Popular Science issue also in 1920 explaining the Ouija Board
Popular Science issue from 1920 explaining the Ouija Board

A mysterious being communicating with the innocent young girl right before she’s possessed.  It created fear and panic all with that famous line, “Based on a true story”.

The Ouija Board had nothing to do with the real case of a possessed boy in Georgetown.  But the reputation stuck!

Then why are we scared of the Ouija Board?

Negative Energy

Divination uses living energy to connect.  Some think its direct communication with conscious ghosts of the departed, others from a source (like God, Yahweh, etc).

I don’t care about that.  Just how it works.

Divination means one person uses a pendulum to tap psychic ability or divining rods to read surrounding energy… The Ouija board is the only multi-user divination tool in existence.

A point of many energies raised together.  This can get out of control and cause negative energy.

This is the only danger I’ve encountered in all those years.

A Ouija Instruction Booklet

This article is a summary of our full booklet.  But don’t worry, with this article alone you can perform an organized team session.

If you’d like a more detailed breakdown, here’s the booklet…

Safely Use the Ouija Board - The Instruction Manual Booklet ~ only $2.99 US
Safely Use the Ouija Board – Full Instruction Booklet ~ only $2.99

This article will…

  1. introduce you to a safe Ouija Board
  2. present an overview of easy to follow team instructions
  3. make it safe

The 3 Rules of Ouija

  1. Be serious because it’s not a game
  2. Always say Goodbye
  3. Never use it in your home

Follow these rules all time.

#3 is the hardest to take.  It’s because you don’t want negative energy infecting the place you relax and sleep.  Even a parking lot would work, just not your home.

The Team Setup

Setup your Team —

Gather 3 to 5 of your most serious friends.  This will become your Team.

Assign Roles —

Each main group member has a role…

  • The Leader
    • Touching the Planchette
    • Controls and is allowed to talk
    • Ask all questions
  • The Energizers
    • 1 to 3 people touching the Planchette
    • Do not speak and keep a silent mind
    • Do not assume answers
  • The Documenter
    • Not touching the Planchette
    • Takes notes and deciphers what is said

A silent mind is important.  This is a mind without chatter and assumption.  Those into meditation will understand.  If you’re not, here’s a trick – focus on the external.  The movement of the planchette, sounds in the room, the flickering of a candle.  Anything to keep you out of your head.

Energizers!  Do whatever it takes to ignore questions or assume answers.  Your thoughts can confuse spirits.

A detailed breakdown of each role featured in our booklet

Some answers are easy to understand, some are not.  If the spirit is a child or two energies fighting over the session.  Information can get jumbled, so don’t hesitate to call a break.

Rockwell saw couples using the Ouija at a local dance
The Saturday Evening Post cover also from 1920 — Rockwell inspired by couples at a local dance

The Session —

Some important points…

  • Be comfortable because body pain leads to negative energy
  • Have the Leader ask energetic questions – high energy leads to great sessions
  • Remember Rule #2, always say Goodbye to end to psychically close the door

Some general questions you could ask…

  • “What is you name?”
  • “How old were you when dying?”
  • “What year did you die?”
  • “How did you die?”
  • “Do you have a message for someone in the team?”
    • NOTE : If spirit doesn’t know names, have it point to the person using the planchette

Think of it like an interview.  You’re the Larry King of the dead.

Something goes wrong —

What happens if you fail to stop before negative energy gets out of control?  If this happens, the communication will be insults or threats.  Empty threats, but terrifying all the same.

If the session gets negative once…

  1. End the session
  2. Take a break away from the board (about 15 minutes)
  3. Switch Roles and try again

If the session gets negative again…

  1. End the Session
  2. Stop for the night

A Worst Case Scenario

This is the worst case scenario.  Not like horror movies!  It just gets uncomfortable.

A perfect example is conveyed by a reader.  This happened at a haunted gift shop in Hamilton (Ontario, Canada)…

“There were three of us at closing time. My ex, a former tour guide and myself, all too hyped up to call it a night. Sitting at a small round table with a homemade Ouija board, we attempted contact with the shop’s resident ghost.

“Her name was Elizabeth. She made herself known to many psychics who said she didn’t like us being in her home. She communicated with negative energy, to drive us away. We wanted more information.

“The old woman came through. We asked her name, “Elizabeth”. Asked if she hated us, “Yes”. Asked, “Do you want us to leave?”, and the planchette stopped.

“The board didn’t respond, but the room did.

“The air got heavy and hard to breath. We looked over to the dark, empty psychic parlour. The curtain slightly parted and a feeling something was there, watching us. Dread rose until we were forced to leave.

“Ending the session, we said “Goodbye” but the planchette didn’t move. I forced it. We immediately left the shop, and the next day it felt normal again.”

They handled it perfectly.  If this happens to you, remember…

  • End the session by saying Goodbye
  • Pack up and leave the space (slow and careful, no rush)

Know the negative energy will evaporate.

Hope you enjoyed this article.  Remember, the board isn’t evil, it can’t ruin your life… it’s simply a tool into the unknown.

**Example of a standard Ouija session

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