Most Haunted Places in Toronto | Canada

The Keg Mansion

Famous locals like Massey and McMaster lived here

Led by the obsessed maid of matron Lillian Massey from Toronto’s great family. The Keg Mansion is the perfect example of high-society and the energy which remains behind.

Toronto's Keg Mansion in old high-society

The Don Jail

The infamous jail subjected inmates to unspeakable horrors

Amazing stories of punishment and ghosts. From the 26 men hanged at Toronto’s Don Jail’s indoor gallows, to the Edwin Boyd Gang and their daring escapes, unearthed graves and the few spirits known to the world.

Toronto's Don Jail has been witness to so much violence and death

Old City Hall

The city’s most impressive historical structure, and for us… most impressive haunted place

One of the most amazing designs from the architect who built Toronto, EJ Lennox.  Cost a fortune to create, justified by it’s dual use as City Hall and Courthouse.  Eatons tried to tear it down, but thankfully for us it all worked out.  Today filled with interesting ghosts, including the plague on Courtroom 33.

Old City Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Casa Loma

The tragic story of a once rich man and his failed dream

A medieval castle in the heart of Toronto should be a pinnacle of hope. Instead, it ruined a great man’s life. Did his determination in life make him the lord of the house after death?

Toronto's Casa Loma is the castle on a hill Pellatt always wanted

Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre

Toronto’s historic theatre, the only double-decker design in the world and home to ghosts

The world’s only double-decker design features two of the most grand theatre’s in the world.  The Elgin is large, designed to impress.  The Winter Garden hidden for over 60 years and revealed like a secret forest in the city.  With vivid legends leading to many ghost stories.  This article is just a piece of what’s featured on the Ghost Walks of Toronto

The Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre on Yonge Street in Toronto
The Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre on Yonge Street in Toronto

Queen’s Park

A building with grand history and both types of ghost stories

A school, an insane asylum and now the government seat of Ontario.  This building has a grand history for Ontario, and features both types of ghost stories.  The over the top, hard to believe.  And the subtle, more real tale based on a real historical figure.  Plus the bonus, scandalous, story of King Edward

Queen's Park in Toronto

UofT’s Hart House Theatre

Canada’s first “Little Theatre” still watched over by its caretaker

The Hart House Theatre is Canada’s first “little theatre”.  Many talented Canadian actors performed on that stage, such as both Sutherlands, Donald and Keifer, and even the Oscar-nominated Raymond Massey.  Watched over by a caretaker who can’t be stopped, even by death…

Hart House Theatre entrance, University of Toronto

Mackenzie House

Very possible this is Toronto’s most haunted house, definitely it’s most historic

Home to the rebel mayor of Toronto.  His family once disgraced, brought back by a charismatic politician whose grandson would be Prime Minister.  Read for some recent ghost stories.  Featured on the Ghost Walks of Toronto

Mackenzie House, Toronto
Mackenzie House, Toronto

Guild Inn

The Guild Inn was built on top of Scarborough Bluffs, the graveyard of Toronto’s lost history