Top 5 Real Ghost Stories from The Ghost Walks

Ghost stories from archive of The Ghost Walks!

#5 ~ Captain Swayze and the Americans

From the Ghost Stories of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada

An American couple was staying in a room on the second floor of the Angel Inn.  They knew about the ghost, Captain Colin Swayze, the British soldier murdered by invading Americans and now buried in the basement.

Angel Inn, Niagara-on-the-Lake
Angel Inn, Niagara-on-the-Lake (Ghost Stories)

Experienced ghost hunters, they employed a paranormal method known as “goading the spirit”.  Basically you make the ghost angry to cause a reaction.  The couple draped an American flag at the end of their bed before going to sleep.

They expected to wake to a levitating bed, things flying around, moans and screams.  They woke the next morning after sleeping like babies.  Looked at each and laughed, thinking the ghost really is nothing, but then looked to the end of the bed.

The once new American flag had been shredded to pieces.

#4 ~ The Right House Security Guard

From the Ghost Stories of Downtown Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

The Right House, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (Ghost Stories)
The Right House, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (Ghost Stories)

From inside what used to be The Right House (Hamilton’s first department store) and business owned by one Thomas Watkins.

About a decade ago a security guard had one task.  At the end of the night, go into the basement.  He put a key into a lock, turned it and the elevators return to the basement.  The power is cut from the cars.

He’d come in the next morning and find one elevator car was on the top floor.  It happened for a few nights and by the end of week the guard felt crazy.  Then he talked to a historian.

The historian said,

“You’re not crazy! It’s just Watkins’ ghost. Because the man loved his elevators, and also his office was on the top floor.”

#3 ~ Mia in the Attic

From the Ghost Stories of The Custom House in North Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Custom House, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (Ghost Stories)
Custom House, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (Ghost Stories)

Mia was on the team for our Ghost Hunts inside the Custom House.  She was attempting a communication session in the attic.  Just her and another investigator alone while ghost stories were being told by Daniel downstairs.

She said, “Wouldn’t it be spooky if something happened” and turned to the wall knocking twice.  It was quiet. Mia knocked again, quiet for seconds before two knocks are returned from the opposite room. She screamed and ran down the stairs.

Meanwhile, Daniel is telling a ghost story in the gallery when he hears it.  A faint sound, like a woman screaming getting louder and louder as Mia runs passed the gallery and out the front door.

After calming down, she shared the experience with guests and to this day is scared of ever going back to the Custom House.

#2 ~ The Phantom Butler

From the Ghost Stories of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada

Site of the townhouses, and our original Parliament (Ghost Stories)
Site of the townhouses, and our original Parliament (Ghost Stories)

A little girl living in a townhouse sees a strange man walk through her bedroom at night.

The next morning she tells her mom.  How he was tall, wearing a suit with a white towel draped over his arm.  The mom says “It’s just a dream baby” and sends her daughter off to school.

Later that day the mom and her friend from next door are drinking coffee in the kitchen.  Her friend said,

“You know what’s strange… my daughter had a weird dream about a man in a dark suit who walked through her room last night.  Said he had a white towel draped over his arm”

The man didn’t come back.  Fast forward years later and the townhouses are being demolished for a school.  They take down the two units where the moms used to live to reveal a hole underneath.  It was a wine cellar which belonged to a manor house which once stood on the same land.

The people of Niagara-on-the-Lake believed what we agree to be… the little girl’s ghost was a butler!  The town’s history is so rich.  This is also the same land where the first Parliament of Canada was held.

#1 ~ Daniel’s own ghostly experience

From the Ghost Stories of The Hermitage Ruins in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada

The Hermitage Ruins, Ancaster (Hamilton), Ontario, Canada (Ghost Stories)
The Hermitage Ruins, Ancaster (Hamilton), Ontario, Canada (Ghost Stories)

“This is the only time in my almost 20 year paranormal career I saw something I couldn’t explain.

“In 2006 I was leading the last tour of the night at the Hermitage Ruins.  Allowed the group to wander around for a bit, then walking around to tell them it was time to leave.  I saw two people walking towards me.

“Thought nothing of it.  Called out, “It’s time to go” and they ignored me.  Called out again and they walked into the forest.

“I freaked out.  There was no path, it was dark and dangerous so I ran and shone a small flashlight into the woods.  Just second later and the people were gone.  There was no way they could have run, played a joke, I would have heard or saw them doing it.  They vanished.

“After calming down a few strange facts dawned on me.  First I realized the people had no features, almost like black shadows walking arm-in-arm.  Second, my employee ran around to make sure everything was okay.  She watched me call out the second time, and even though I could still see them she said I was calling out to an empty field.  Lastly the area they walked into wasn’t an overgrown nothing, but the location of farm’s original well

“Could this have been residual energy?  Better than believing I’m crazy.”

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