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How to run a Seance

The Seance – Missed Potential

The Seance stands as the most underused method of ghost hunting lost to history. Our ancestors knew its power.

Today we sit back, look at folks from a 100 years back as primitive. “No computers, no smart phones, no TV”, then dismiss their ideas as discounted study. This is a mistake.

For all our science and technology, I firmly believe we’ve lost our humanity… but that’s another article on a different website.

It’s my example for a dismissed historic technique hiding inside what snooty folk may call “pseudoscience”.

Fakery - - a magician levitates a bango into the room (c1910)
Fakery – – a magician levitates a bango into the room (c1910)

This is the traditional seance and I’m telling you, it works.

Why run a Seance?

Any of these will do…

  1. Stir up energy before a Ghost Hunt — Sometimes locations are cold. A seance will focus the energy to your team, then focusing your team to the energy
  2. For communication using a Ouija — A properly run Ouija session gives you insight. This guidance, received from outside energies, is a learning experience and may guide in life (positive talk only)
  3. As a fun night with friends — Put Hungry Hungry Hippo away for the night

The Layout

A proper seance needs people. Increase people for increased energy.

The 2 main layouts are…

  1. standing in a circle
  2. sitting at a table

If standing, be close to each other. Better yet, hold hands.

This encloses the space and confines living energy. I can hear the men now, “I don’t want to hold hands with other men!” Then don’t, but this limits you to only circles.

So suck it up macho man because when sitting at a table, you must hold hands!

A table separates each person, removing connected energy. The only way for effective flow (think electricity through wires) is holding hands.

Details on each Layout

A Circle —

For this, you’ll need at least 8 or more people. If less than 8, do the table method.

Example of the Seance Circle
Example of the Seance Circle

Layout the room as such…

  • Place a small table with chair in the centre
  • Choose a person as a “talker”, they handle communication
  • Sit talker in the chair with The Device on the table
  • Stand everyone else around the table in a perfect circle
  • Everyone is free to speak, in reaction, or to share feelings

The experiences should be a conversation, but it’s important only one person asks the questions and runs the device.

A Table —

For this 5 or more is sufficient.

Layout the room as such…

  • Sit everyone at a table (doesn’t matter the shape)
  • Put a Device on the table in front of the “talker”
  • Hold hands with everyone except the “talker”…
    You can put your hands on their shoulder

Again, everyone can speak in reaction but only the talker can ask questions.

The Device

Adding a communication device removes the annoying sentence, “If someone’s here, give us a sign!” Every time it’s uttered, a ghost dies all over again.

Just let communication happen.

If a sign is to occur, you don’t have to ask for it. So don’t be a ghost beggar. And to make sure, here are the best communication devices for use with a seance.

An EMF detector —

For the scientist in you! The EMF is used in every ghost show.

Was made fun of in the media - - from the 1960's Addams Family TV show
Was made fun of in the media – – from the 1960’s Addams Family TV show

The theory is ghosts give off electromagnetic energy. This detects that, and if energy passes through, the numbers or meter will rise. A rising meter is considered an answer. Higher the number, more powerful the answer.

Avoid water pipes and electrical outlets. Will cause false spikes.

Plus, if the meter starts at a high number… move. You’re probably sitting in an energy vortex.

A candle —

Simple and easy option. Sit the candle on the table and watch for notable changes.

Ask it to show you Yes and No. “Lean flame right for Yes, lean left for no” Ask any Yes/No questions and watch for movement.

This can also detect energy changes in the room. When it flares up or dies down.

Careful with natural causes, such as a draft or rising wax interfering with the flame.

A Pendulum —

One of my favs (other than the next one).

The talker holds the pendulum up for everyone to see. They ask, “Show me yes” it swings one way, “Show me no” it swings another. As the talker asks questions, the pendulum will answer.

And you can ask detailed questions like “are you male or female… swing clockwise for male, counter clockwise for female”. Sky’s the limit. Be creative.

Careful to choose a “talker” with a strong, steady arm. Shaking can cause false answers.

The Ouija —

And the award goes to The Ouija. Hands down the most effective and misunderstood tool of the bunch.

This divination tool was invented for one purpose… communication with unseen energies, aka, ghosts! From its ancient Chinese roots to Fuld’s modern take, this function remains.

Before you continue with this process, I highly recommend you read our other article, How to Safely Use a Ouija Board

Seance leads to insanity - - San Jose's Winchester Mystery House
Seance leads to insanity – – San Jose’s Winchester Mystery House

For use of this device, the layouts are revised…

  • The Circle
    Need 10 or more people. Have at least 4 of them in the middle working the Ouija with the talker
  • The Table
    Still can be 5 or more, however… instead of holding hands, you’ll connect through the planchette

Yes, the Table layout has just transformed into a standard Ouija session. Makes sense. That’s how the Ouija rolls.

There are many other devices or ghost hunting tools you can use with the same layouts. These in our opinion are the best.

Time to talk to the dead

Stop telling everyone there’s nothing to do on a quiet night in.  Take a page from our ancestors and setup your traditional seance tonight.

Paired perfectly with an energy-based Ghost Hunt

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