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Prince of Wales Hotel – – 6 Picton St, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada – MAP

History of the Prince of Wales Hotel

Built in 1864 by William Long.  Over the years this luxury hotel was called Long’s Hotel, The Arcade and Niagara House.

Would become the Prince of Wales Hotel in 1901 after a visit from the Duke of York and future King of England, George V.

It was expanded by the Wiens family in the 1970’s who added the “wings” to each side.  Spectacular architecture seamlessly blending into the historic structure.  Regular tourists don’t see the difference.

The Niagara House long before the "wings" additions were added to the Prince of Wales Hotel - - circa 1901
The Niagara House long before the “wings” additions were added to the Prince of Wales Hotel – – circa 1901

All these changes didn’t deter the hotel’s resident ghost.  After all, she’s been there for 200 years.

Molly McGuire

Her name was Molly McGuire and her ghost proves energy affects space.

Her legend says, as the American’s laid siege on Niagara-on-the-Lake, a young soldier is ordered to search a wooden house located where the Prince of Wales Hotel stands today.

First floor was clear, up the stairs to an empty hallway and two first rooms.  Then the final room, he swings open the door to sees a figure by the window.It’s dusk, a shadow covers the far end of the room and he can only see a shape.  It had to be a British soldier, faced away, looking out the window and plotting on his friends.

Holding tight to his gun, bayonet pointed forward, the American rushed, ran him through, watched him fall back.  Closer now he can see it… long brown hair!

Prince of Wales Hotel at night - - Current day
Prince of Wales Hotel at night – – Current day

Not a British soldier, but a woman, wearing heels, making herself tall.  She didn’t know the American was there until the blade was through her heart. And he didn’t want to kill an innocent woman.

Pulling the blade out, he let her fall to the floor.  The soldier ran out of the room and down to the street, joining his fellow men and saying nothing as Molly McGuire died on her bedroom floor.

Molly Remains – –

Room 207 is in the location of Molly’s bedroom.  It’s where she died and haunts today.  Proven by guests staying in the room.  This includes all the stereotypical experiences you’d read in every ghost article.

Such as waking to footsteps walking through a dark and empty room.  Also knowing you turned off all the lights before bed, but waking to see randoms lights are on.

But one stands out, the only time a guest checked out because of the ghost…

Hear all about it on our Ghost Walks of Niagara-on-the-Lake!

Don’t hesitate to request Room 207 when staying at the Prince of Wales Hotel.  It’s the most requested room.

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