The Stone Jug | Niagara Falls | Canada

History of the Stone Jug

This impressive and decayed building was completed in 1885 by architect Thomas Fuller, same man who designed the Parliament in Ottawa.  No expense was spared because Niagara Falls wanted an impressive Post Office and Custom House to stand at the border.

An Accident & Change – –

In 1927 a furnace exploded in the basement destroying the entire first floor.  The building was restored and it remained just a Custom House for a few more years.

Old Stone Jug, Niagara Falls
Old Custom House, circa 1950’s

Then in 1952 a modern Customs structure was built across the street.  Moving out, they left it abandoned for a short while until the Niagara Police headquarters moved in.  They’d move out in 1978 and small ventures filled the space for about 10 years.

It has been abandoned since the 1980’s, slowly decaying and falling apart.  The interior damage is extensive.

**A glimpse inside the Old Stone Jug by a local urban explorer

The Stone Jug becomes Famous – –

One year into being abandoned, in 1953, the building was used for a big Hollywood movie called “Niagara” staring the beautiful Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe in Niagara Falls - - circa 1952 during filming of "Niagara"
Marilyn Monroe in Niagara Falls – – circa 1952 during filming of “Niagara”, Old Stone Jug featured as a police station in movie

This was used as the police station in the first film where Monroe received top billing, only 2 years before “The Seven Year Itch”.


The building has been empty for a long time.  Hard for ghost stories to be received from experienced investigators or normal encounters.

Some have witnessed what many to believe to be the building’s resident ghost.  It happened while standing on the street and looking up.

A woman wearing a white dress wandering across the once exposed second floor windows.  Pacing back and forth as if lost in thought.

The problem, as you can see in the above video, there is no second floor!

It collapsed during a fire in 1984.  The woman in the white dress is floating.

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