Most Haunted Cars

3 Most Haunted Cars in the World

by Jane Walsh

Most Haunted Cars, article by Jane Walsh

Haunted Cars For Halloween

There is a theory that ghosts remain tied to this earthly plane if dying with unfinished business, or in a sudden or violent way.

We always hear about haunted houses, but what about cars.  Often where traumatic accidents occur.  Believe it or not, haunted cars do exist – there are many you can visit if out ghost hunting.

JFK’s Limousine

More than 50 years ago, an event happened that shocked the nation – the assissination of John. F. Kennedy.

On November 22nd, 1963, the beloved president full of new hopes and dreams for America was taking a tour through Dallas with his wife.  As they traveled down Elm Street in their limousine, a shot rang out.  The president fell straight into the lap of his First Lady and America changed forever.

The car, a 4-door Lincoln Continental, model X-100, made in 1961 is now kept at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.

There are replicas of the car that you can buy and legally drive.  If you look up the valuation to see what the car is worth, you will find, that it is now more than the original 1961 cost of $7,500.  Before it was driven, JFK’s limo had undergone modifications of almost $200,000, including four retractable steps for the Secret Service, but none of these prevented the tragic shooting.

Employees report seeing a grey figure seated in the back of the car on a regular basis, and also one standing near the car – especially in November.

The Archduke, Franz Ferdinand’s Limousine

World War I was triggered by the shooting of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand.  Killed by an anarchist from Bosnia.  What proceeded was an international war that took the lives of 17 million people, including 61,000 Canadians.

When Ferdinand and his wife were killed, they were sitting in their stalled Graf and Stift limo.  One of the assassins walked out of a nearby cafe and shot them in the head.

Following their tragic deaths, the car was sold.  Throughout WWI and the rest of the 1920s, the car was involved in thirteen more deaths and six accidents.

You can visit this haunted car in the War History Museum in Vienna.

James Dean’s Porsche

Whilst you are out on a ghost hunting tour, keep an eye out for James Dean’s 550 Spyder Porsche.

The car, which was reported to be cursed and haunted brought nothing but bad luck to all who drove it including Dean.  He died in an accident on his way to a race in Salinas.

After this, the car was taken by a friend of Dean’s named George Barris.  He customized vehicles for a living.  George sold parts of the Spyder to two race drivers who both suffered serious crashes, one of them died.

The car was then sold to the California Highway Patrol, where it was involved in fatal accidents.

The last time the car was seen… when sent back to Barris, however it disappeared en-route.  The haunted car has been reportedly glimpsed numerous times on the freeways, throughout America and Canada over the past 50 years, even in Toronto.

This Halloween, how about adding a haunted car tour to your ghost hunting expeditions?  However, you may want to avoid driving one of these spine-chilling vehicles.