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Lake County Poor House – – 415 Riverside Drive (Route 84), Painesville Township, Ohio, USA – MAP

History of the Lake County Poor House

Today it’s the Lake County Historical Center, but when it was first built this impressive structure was the Lake County Poor House… a home for the forgotten.

Lake County was a rich family’s playground for many of Cleveland, Ohio, USA’s elite visited, including John D. Rockefeller.

The residents of the Poor House typically had no possessions and no family. They would become part of the daily life on a working farm, and would grow their own food. Any possessions were surrendered to the house when they arrived, and the only personal item allowed was a Bible.

Lake County Poor House, Painesville, Ohio
Historic Drawing of the Lake County Poor House

The Poor House remained open until 1970’s, then renamed the County Home, and operated until 2004.


Basement of the Lake County Poor House (from Paranormal State)
Basement of the Lake County Poor House (from Paranormal State)

The matriarch of the Poor House, Mrs White has been seen around the house still cleaning rooms.  Known to Ghost Hunters for her stern expression, she’s appeared in a photo taken on an investigation.

Workers feel an overwhelming amount of negative energy around the building.  It’s said this is most prominent in the basement while walking near the old jail cells.

Disturbed Work – –

While working inside the Lake County Poor House one afternoon, a volunteer named Annie was focused on some mail.  She felt a jolt from the chair and then was on the floor.

She said she heard children laughing.  She is now a believer that the ghosts of the building have stayed around.  Might also be residual energy.

Ghost Show Famous

In November of 2010, the team of Paranormal State visited the Poor House for a detailed investigation.  This was in Season 5, Episode 8 (“Ghosts of the Forgotten”).

The house was quiet, but Ryan Buell was able to get impressions by performing a Ganzfeld experiment (also known as sensory deprivation).  He wanted the spirits to be calm, seeing him like them, trapped and vulnerable.

Video of “Dead Time” inside the Lake County Poor House – – 

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Current Day – –

The Building is currently the Lake County History Center and open to public

Lake County History Center - - Current Day
Lake County History Center – – Current Day

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