INFJ Personality & Talking with Ghosts

How Having An INFJ Personality Can Help You To Communicate With Spirits 

According to a 1996 survey one in four Canadians believe in ghosts. But when it comes to communicating with spirits, nobody has an answer on the best methods.

With that said, some personality types are more intuitive than others, giving those people an advantage.

Here’s how those with an INFJ personality type are more likely to communicate with the spirit world. Bring them along when at a haunted place.

What is an INFJ personality?

An INFJ personality is one of many personality types identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. This is a self-report questionnaire gauging personality types based on how people see the world and make decisions.

Considered to be one of the rarest personality types on the planet, INFJ personality consists of four personality aspects,

  1. Introverted
  2. Intuitive
  3. Feeling
  4. Judging

Someone with this personality type is not only caring, organized, thoughtful and creative, but they also tend to be great listeners. And they’re reflective and perceptive.

While making them rounded with a diverse personality, they are normally reserved (the introverted aspect), also sensitive to how others feel. A perfect personality concoction to being able to communicate with spirits.

INFJ personality and the spirit world

Because those with an INFJ personality type draw energy from within, make decisions based on emotion and are perceptive, communicating with spirits may come easier.

Because those who communicate with the spirit world, like psychics and mediums, rely heavily on intuition. They pick up on insights (hidden meanings or messages) with ease. While often said everyone has this ability, the INFJ personality can tap into it more due to intuitive traits. Making them more likely to naturally reach the spirit world.

Mediums and psychics who have the INFJ personality

While it’s true mediums and psychics who are not genuine often rely on methods such as cold-calling. Mediums and psychics with INFJ personality are likely to have a genuine ability, taking their jobs seriously.

Maybe those with this personality type are strong-minded and passionate, especially when seeing value in helping others. It allows them to improve people’s lives with a natural gift for communication with the departed.

It makes them a great medium, allowing the client confidence they’re getting a true experience.

Having an INFJ personality type is rare. Those who have it are blessed with unique characteristics. A beautiful gift of a high sense of intuition and perception lending to deep communication with the spirit world.

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