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Use the Ouija Board

Guide to safe use of this ancient device

The dreaded divination tool used for contact with the dead… a line told with every board sold. Your parents tell you, “stay away”, it’s evil, wrong. What’s the truth behind this ancient device and how do you safely use it? It’s the subject of this article.

How to Safely Use the Ouija Board

What is a Ghost?

An explanation free of religion & superstition

I know what you’re picturing right now… a spooky, see-through, white figure floating up and down inside an abandoned house. It’s the stereotypical view of a ghost mostly to outside skeptics looking in.

What is a Ghost

How to Ghost Hunt

A successful and simple 3 step evening for hunting ghosts

Take it from me. Real ghost hunting is not easy. I have over 15 years in the paranormal, took part and lead countless hunts in houses and businesses, and today run Ghost Walks for a living.

How to Ghost Hunt

How to run a Séance

Underused addition to any ghost hunt or just a fun night with friends

The Séance stands as the most underused method of ghost hunting lost to history. Our ancestors knew its power. I use this as an example for a dismissed technique hiding inside of what snooty folk call a pseudoscience.

How to Run a Seance

Top Real Ghost Photos

Standing out as the best photographic evidence for over 140 years

Most Famous Ghost Photos from around the world. Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove, Boothill in Arizona, Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, Mabel’s Mom and more.

Top Real Ghost Photos