Most Haunted Restaurants in Ontario | List

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Number 10

The Jester’s Court

279 Queen Street, Scugog (Port Perry), Ontario, Canada

Jester's Court, Port Perry, Ontario (Haunted Restaurants)
Historic image of the Jester’s Court House – Haunted Restaurants

Two poltergeists (violent or noisy spirits) have startled employees of the restaurant. One, a woman in a blue dress, sneaks up behind employees and gives great big bear hugs. The second is an old woman known for stealing items off shelves and throwing them around the restaurant.

A group of contractors hired to renovate where seen running and screaming out of the house on one sunny afternoon. They talked about the old woman who through salt and pepper shakers at them.

When the restaurant is closed, an old couple has been seen sitting at Table #13. They never stop what seems to be an intense conversation.

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Number 9

Emma’s Back Porch

2084 Old Lakeshore Road, Burlington, Ontario, Canada – Restaurant Website

Old Restaurant in Emma Byren's House - - 1925 (Haunted Restaurants)
Old Restaurant in Emma Byren’s House – – 1925 – Haunted Restaurants

Still home to Emma and her kids. The kids are known for making themselves known through mischievous pranks. Opened as a restaurant by Emma and Geroge Byren in the early 1900’s.

It’s believed that Emma herself celebrated her 70th birthday in the building when it was called The Estaminet.

In 1994 it became Emma’s Back Porch, named after Emma, and today the building holds significance as Ontario’s longest running “restaurant” (quotes because The Angel Inn is our oldest tavern).

Not all of Emma’s life was happy. She would lose two of her kids during the family’s time inside this building. Robert was only six years old when he slipped on some rocks along the Burlington lakeshore and drowned. Sahara died of Pneumonia at the young age of four. These are believed to be the kids that now make the building home.

A little boy was seen by a manager in the basement, footsteps heard running down the main stairs, and doors slamming in the distance are all proof that something remains.

Number 8

The Winking Judge

25 Augusta Street, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

The Winking Judge, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (Haunted Restaurants)
Drawing of The Winking Judge Restaurant – Haunted Restaurants

The former family home of Ghost Walks friend Gary (known for his grim character). Home to many ghosts including the man in the top hat and even a cat.

The elderly man has been been over 50 times in the last ten years and is easily the resident ghost of this old house. They call him the Judge, dressed in a fine dark suit and a top hat which clearly shows his origins. The judge tends to appear in reflective surfaces, most often the window of the men’s washroom on the second floor. He’s not scary, but more of a stoic and silent spectre seen for just a moment before he’s gone.

The owner’s two year old daughter was caught talking, by herself in one of the rooms. When asked to whom she was speaking, the little girl only said, “to the man”.

SOPS (Sourthern Ontario Paranormal Society) investigated in 2008. They picked up on much paranormal activity, nothing better than an EVP (ghost voice) of a child saying “I can hear you”.

Number 7

The Courtyard Restaurant

21 George Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – Restaurant Website

Courtyard Restaurant, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (Haunted Restaurants)
The hidden gem Courtyard Restaurant in Ottawa – Haunted Restaurants

A woman has watched entering patrons from random second floor windows. Many believe her to have died in a tragic fire many years ago, and that she continues to look out the windows for someone to rescue her.

Staff had heard footsteps coming quickly down the stairs from the second level. This is at night when the building is virtually empty.

Other employees have seen a woman appear on the second level. They believe her to be a lost customer, that is until she disappears in front of them.

Number 6

The Lounge of The Prince of Wales Hotel

6 Picton Street, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada – Restaurant Website

Prince of Wales Hotel, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada (Haunted Restaurants)
Outside the Prince of Wales at night – – Current day – Haunted Restaurants

The unhappy ghost of a British woman remains in the place where she was murdered ~ Room 207 of the Prince of Wales Hotel.

Molly McGuire lived in the wooden house that once stood on this same land. Murdered by American soldiers in the War of 1812 which looking out the second floor window for her husband’s boat on the lake. The boat would never come, her last vision was that of an empty shore as she’s stabbed through the heart.

Her ghost remains in that space, today known as Room 207 of the Prince of Wales Hotel.

The woman has also been seen on the main staircase located behind the Lounge.

Number 5

Coach & Lantern

384 Wilson Street East, Ancaster (Hamilton), Ontario, Canada – Restaurant Website

Coach and Lantern Restaurant, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada (Haunted Restaurants)
Another hidden gem, Coach and Lantern Restaurant in Ancaster (Hamilton) – Haunted Restaurants

Formerly the main hotel of Ancaster, now home to many ghosts.

The building dates all the way back to 1823, turned into the Union Hotel in the 1870’s, into apartments from the 1950’s to the 80’s until it was converted into a business building.

Right from the 1980’s the old man has haunted this place. Sensitive’s have picked up on him being a worker, farmer or caretaker, who died in a fire. They’ve seen him in a plaid shirt and is said to look unhappy or rundown.

On the second floor, a woman was feeding her grandson. Thinking she was alone, it didn’t make sense when a man whispered into her ear, “What a beautiful baby”. She spun around to see she was still alone.

Number 4

The Pheasant Plucker

20 Augusta Street, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – Restaurant Website

Pheasant Plucker Restaurant, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (Haunted Restaurants)
Outside the old Garrison’s House, now the Pheasant Plucker – Haunted Restaurants

The former house of a court garrison and a musician is now home to some very active ghosts ~ including the woman with the fiery hair, and the old man.

Another pub old man haunts this active house. This one is very strong, causing psychic Michele to toss her expensive ghost detector across the room. He grabbed her arm as she crossed the second floor and pulled her back. On the video is seemed almost strange and unnatural.

Our psychic Kate saw him in one of the old wing-back chairs smoking a cigar. He got mad at her for being in the room, showing obvious discrimination towards women.

Other ghosts include a child and the woman with the fiery red hair. She’s been seen in the back section of the second floor.

Number 3

Corks Restaurant

19 Queen St, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada – Restaurant Website

Corks Restaurant, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada (Haunted Restaurants)
Corks in the old house on Queen St, Niagara-on-the-Lake – Haunted Restaurants

Formerly The Buttery Restaurant – home to a murdered woman ghost who could only be calmed by an exorcism.

Accidentally murdered by her insane brother. She was attempt to stop him from murdering her abusive husband. Pushed aside, through an open door and into the basement. Later she would be found dead, her neck broken. The brother buried her in the basement.

Today she is seen on the basement stairs. The sister is a vivid ghost, many of the witnesses recognizing her face.

Number 2

The Keg Mansion

515 Jarvis Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Restaurant Website

Keg Mansion, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Haunted Restaurants)
The beautiful Keg Mansion at night – – Current day – Haunted Restaurants

Built by the McMaster family, home to the famous Massey family and now the Keg Steakhouse… and the ghosts that remain.

One of the most frightening ghosts around is that of Lilian Massey’s maid. After Lilian’s death, legend says a maid took her own life. Unable to live with the idea of her mistress being gone, she would attach a noose to the vestibule above the main stairs and hang herself.

The maid is still seen swinging above the stairs, and is said to be the woman spirit seen in other parts of the mansion.

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Number 1

The Angel Inn

224 Regent Street, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada

Home to Canada’s Most Haunted Town’s most famous ghost, Captain Colin Swayze.

Angel Inn, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada (Haunted Restaurants)
A dark Angel Inn of Niagara-on-the-Lake – Haunted Restaurants

He was a British soldier who remained in Niagara-on-the-Lake after the Americans destroyed Fort George. Some say it was because of love, that he would meet up with his girlfriend and they would leave together. She didn’t show up, and 3 Americans would chase him into the building that stood where the Angel is today.

Into the basement Swayze ran, jumping into a barrel, and in that barrel the Americans would stab him to death. Swayze is said to haunt the building, sometimes violent (especially when his British flags are removed for cleaning), but always present and proving this almost 200 year old building to be extremely haunted.

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