Top Haunted Locations for a Camping Trip

Top Haunted Locations for a Camping Trip

by Jane Walsh

Haunted Campsites, article by Jane Walsh
Haunted Campsites, article by Jane Walsh

There’s nothing quite like sitting round an open campfire, eating toasted marshmallows and sharing scary stories with friends, but wouldn’t it be more thrilling if your camping trip was at a haunted location?

Why not take it up a notch and turn heebie-jeebies up to full whack by going on an adventure to one of the following haunted locations.  Maybe that way you’ll have a few scary stories of your own to tell before the camping trip is up…

Skeleton Park

What is now known as McBurney park in South Eastern Ontario, was once an enormous cemetery with over ten thousand graves.  Established in 1814, once one of the cities first and largest graveyards.  Looking at it today however you wouldn’t think so, as it now has a playground, basketball courts and a wading pool covering up it’s dark and morbid history.

Where the past comes back to haunt you

The cemetery was closed in 1864 and left derelict over the proceeding thirty years, during which time there were several alarming reports of skeletal remains surfacing and complaints of a horrific deathly stench.

There were also reports of people desecrating the graves and robbing corpses.  All the headstones were eventually bulldozed, and human remains are still being discovered to this day.

Fertile grounds for ghosts

There are many witness accounts of a variety of supernatural incidents including ghostly mists and apparitions, it is certainly very fertile grounds for ghost sightings.

If you are brave enough to camp here at night, it is sure to set your imagination on fire, be prepared for ghost encounters and terrifying dreams.

Waterfront station Vancouver

Many spooky happenings have been reported at night by guards patrolling what is usually a very busy station by day. More than one guard has reported to have heard eerie music from the 1920’s playing, and another guard reported seeing the ghostly figure of a woman dancing down one of the corridors.

Camping nearby in an RV and going for a walk around the site at night would make for an exciting adventure. It’s a beautiful place to watch the sun set over the horizon on a clear day, but the sound of the waves lapping the shore by night, with the occasional view of a torch light, creates a menacing atmosphere which is sure to make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.

Tranquille Sanatorium

In the early 20th century, Tranquille Sanitorium near Kamloops was a hospital for treating people with tuberculosis, it was a small self-sustaining community where many residents would die because at this time there was no cure for the disease.

It then became a mental hospital for a few years before finally closing its doors in 1983. There are a series of underground tunnels that run under the old complex, which is slowly decaying and crumbling.

One of Canada’s most haunted places

The building has earned the reputation of being one of Canada’s most haunted places, due to regular paranormal sightings of lost souls walking on the grounds, glowing orbs and strange sounds coming from the inside of the building when it is empty at night.

It is possible to take a night-time tour of the grounds, as well as enjoy historical theatre shows in the autumn and winter.

This is definitely one of the top places to visit for ghost enthusiasts, and there are some camp-grounds and RV parks nearby where you can host your overnight ghost adventure. If you want to be scared out of your wits, take a walk on the grounds right next to the building at night, just be sure to take a torch and be ready to run like the wind if you see or hear anything that you shouldn’t.

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