Hamilton | The Haunted City

The Royal Connaught

Hamilton’s original luxury hotel & home to the Lady in White

Opened in 1914 as Hamilton’s only luxury hotel. Known for it’s resident ghost, The Lady in White. She’s not the only one.

The Custom House

Over 160 years of history & changes makes for interesting ghosts

Featuring the oldest known ghost in Hamilton and more ghost stories than we can feature here. Instead we focus on that main energy and the experiences that make this place a unique haunted location.

Tivoli Theatre

The oldest theatre building is also the most haunted

Featuring unique history and ghost, such as the ghost of a disappeared man, to crying kids, and even messing with a guard dog.

Ambrose Small

The details surrounding Canada’s most famous disappearance

Ambrose Small disappeared from this earth on a sunny afternoon on Tuesday December 2nd, 1919. Almost 100 years later and he remains one of the most mysterious events in Canadian history.

Dundurn Castle

A famous historical monument is haunted, but you’d never know it

Dundurn Castle was saved from the decay of time by an ambitious city. Once home to a former Prime Minister, the very haunted building remains a mystery to local ghost hunters.

Battlefield House Stoney Creek

Mary’s ghost, witness to the battle for Canada, still lives here

No one could have planned the workers arriving one morning to find Mary was gone. Both her coffin and headstone, stolen in the middle of the night. The reason she restlessly haunts the house.

Auchmar Mansion

Dundurn Castle of Hamilton Mountain now run by a little girl ghost

Not much chance to experience ghosts in Auchmar over the years. In 2002 it all changed when the little girl finally was noticed.

Hamilton Place Theatre (now FirstOntario Hall)

Proving the playhouse is a different animal in the world of the paranormal

Energy vibrates through this building, giving it ghost stories after only 40 years. Energy expresses itself with a woman in red, seen throughout with blood streaming down her face.

Waterdown Wraith

The “ghost” of Waterdown seized this town almost 100 years ago

It’s a Sunday in 1934 and Art Hood is driving home with his family as a man stand in stark white at the side of the road. What happened next would seize this town.

Dark Town of Albion Mills

The darkest history of any town in Canada… if it still existed

Now King’s Forest and the Red Hill Expressway, this was the capital of ghosts and violence in Hamilton. A legendary ghost and the city’s most infamous name, such as Rocco Perri and Evelyn Dick, all connected to this dumping ground.

Bellevue Mansion

The first article ever written in the Ghost Walks world

Legends so infamous it rivaled violence in Amityville, NY. This once beloved mansion spiraled down due to a landowner. Gone in 2000, but the stories still remain.

Whitehern Mansion

The ghosts were hard to come by, making them all the more real

All the history around this beautiful mansion fell to the wrecking ball. Why keep Whitehern? A very important person once lived in this house. Energy from this family’s dark history remains.

Century Manor

Last building from Hamilton’s original insane asylum

Such a uniquely historical building for Canadian history and a white whale in the paranormal. Surprisingly in trouble even though Hamilton is a booming. There’s no excuse, if not only for the tourism potential.

The Barton Murder

In the late afternoon of Tuesday, Oct. 10, 1905, three young lads from Hamilton’s north-end hiked up the Mountain…

The Bloody Assizes Executions

It was 1814, two years after Americans walked in to track down Loyalists and push the Brits out…

Burkholder Cemetery

With the exception of the church, time has preserved the Burkholder Cemetery…

The Capitol Theatre

The Capitol Theatre opened right across the street from The Royal Connaught…

Devil’s Punch Bowl

The history of the Devil’s Punch Bowl dates back at least 450 million years when…

Dundas District School

Veronika Lessard is certain she is sometimes watched while she works…

Hermitage Ruins

The Hermitage Ruins, a legendary location in the small, historic town of Ancaster…