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Hamilton Place Address – – Hamilton, Ontario | 1 Summers Lane – MAP

Hamilton Place (now FirstOntario Concert Hall) is proof the playhouse is different in the paranormal.

Built in the 1970’s, which begs a question. How can something so new be haunted?

What comes to mind when you think haunted is the decaying house on a hill with dead trees glowing in the moonlight. Not a 2,000 seat auditorium catering to the best of Broadway, theatre and music.

Paranormal energy & the theatre —

Ghosts are energy. Just like you, me, your chair, the screen in front of your face. All made of the same stuff, but not functioning on the same frequency. Some of it invisible to the human eye and soundless to the ear.  Yet it exists.

Outside Hamilton Place (FirstOntario Hall) - - Current Day
Outside Hamilton Place (FirstOntario Hall) – – Current Day

Some are “sensitive” to this energy. Called psychic, they pick up subtle energies in haunted places.

Then there are special places. Locations containing large amounts of built up energy that non-psychics can feel it. This is the theatre.

Hamilton Place has 2000 seats, sold out for hundreds of shows. The crowd feeling bursts of emotion, sadness, joy, excitement. Actors on stage ripe with nerves vibrating at all hours.

This is why the theatre is different, and why Hamilton Place is haunted.

Hear about the ghostly energy on

The Ghost Walks of Downtown Hamilton

A Dramatic Resident Ghost

Downtown Hamilton is filled with ghosts. The most interesting are three strong women spirits in colourful dresses.  If ever on the Downtown Hamilton tour, you’ll remember the Lady in White at the Connaught and Lady in Brown inside the Capitol Theatre.

Hamilton Place will not be outdone, being home to the dramatic Lady in Red.

Dressed in a beautiful red dress and seen by staff and guests. Quick glances confuse witnesses into thinking it was a terrifying daydream. The red dress burned into their memory along with a vision of two blood red tears streaming down her face.

The terror eased when told she was an actress.  In life obsessed with the stage at Hamilton Place.  Her dress but a costume and makeup smeared into blood tears.  But no one knows for sure.

A perfectly dramatic apparition for the famous Hamilton Place stage.

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