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Guild Inn Address – – 201 Guildwood Parkway, Toronto, Ontario, Canada – MAP

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History of The Guild Inn

The Guild Inn was built on top of Scarborough Bluffs in 1914. This was once the summer home for American soldier Colonel Harold Bickford.

The Clarks Collection – –

Herbert and Rosa Clark would live in The Guild from 1932 until 1978.  In 1934, they purchased surrounding lands to form Scarborough Bluffs.

This became an artist’s colony.  At the same time, the Clark’s collected pieces of lost historic buildings in Toronto.  This would form a collection like no other in Canada, a building graveyard!

Rosa and Spencer Clark in the 1930s - - Once owners, and creators of the Guild Park
Rosa and Spencer Clark in the 1930s – – Once owners, and creators of the Guild Park

Some Pieces of Historic Buildings collected in Guild Park

  • Bankers Bond Building (Built in 1920, demolished in 1973)
  • Temple Building (built in 1895, demolished in 1970)
  • Toronto Star Building (built in 1929, demolished in 1972)
  • Fire Station Engine House No 2 (once at the corner of Richmond and Portland)

During World War II, the Inn became a training facility for the Woman’s Naval Service and a hospital for returning veterans.

This is when it was first called The Guild Inn.

The Guild Inn - - Top: Historic Grandeur // Bottom: At its worst
The Guild Inn – – Top: Historic Grandeur // Bottom: At its worst


Ghostly figures have been experienced by paranormal investigators who gained access to the once abandoned structure.

During an investigation, the team was in the basement.  A noise was heard down one of the hallways.  They ran into a dark room to see a huddled mass lying on the floor.

They said a shadow rose, movement contrasted over the darkness as it walked past them and into the hallway.  They walked out to see it was gone.

It could be considered that the resident ghost of the Guild Inn is a little boy.

Seen throughout the building, including when one investigator got up-close.  He swears the boy appeared close up to his face, so close he saw the kid’s different coloured eyes.

A former worker of the Guild Inn – –

A once employee was working alone in the kitchen.  He jumped when something crashed inside the walk-in freezer.  Running inside he noticed a box of melons had fallen over.

He started cleaning them, leaning over when another bang from the kitchen behind him.

The employee swung around to see in a flash, a regal looking man dressed in top hat and tails, standing in the kitchen and looking into the freezer.

Update on the Building

The story of the Guild Inn has a happy ending.  Thanks to the efforts of a developer, and creative techniques, the original Inn has been brought back to life for future generations.

It would have cost half as much to demolish and start over, but even the most shrewd of business people now see the value of restoring unique historic buildings.  It’s this history which attracts the masses, and of course, its ghosts.

Guild Inn - - Current Day (from "A new day for the Guild Inn" Toronto's Globe & Mail)
Guild Inn – – Current Day (from The Globe & Mail)

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