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Glenview Mansion Address – – 4223 Terrace Ave, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada – MAP


The mansion was built by John Drew in 1865, who owned the house and 85 acres of land right up to the Niagara River. John built the original Clifton Town Hall – Clifton would become Niagara Falls in 1881.

Niagara Falls mayor RP Slater owned the house.  The Slater family remained owners until the 1960’s, when the home was purchased and turned into apartments.

Glenview Mansion
Glenview Mansion – – Historic image

At one time the house was painted pink and known as the “Pink Palace”.

The Legends of Glenview Mansion

RP Slater - - former mayor and owner of Glenview
RP Slater – – former mayor and owner of Glenview

Two legends exist for the stately mansion, neither with much factual evidence in history.

Legend 1 from the 1800’s – –

The first happened in the 1800’s, when a con man and thief attempted to sell the home (he didn’t own) to a new Canadian immigrant.  The thief was found out and a fight ensued which led to murder.

How did the fight start?  Who was murdered?  Nobody knows.

Legend 2 from the 1900’s – –

The second is considered more legit because it’s supported by the ghosts.

In the early 1900’s, a party was happening (during when the Slater family owned it).  At the end a couple patiently waited for their carriage, standing outside the front door on the cobblestone of the original Glenview mansion.  Unaware a man was watching from the bushes.

He leaped out and attacked the husband, stabbing him over and over as they fell to the ground.  Turning, the murderer leaped at the wife and stabbed her until he was sure she was dead.

Guests at the party heard the screams and ran out to find the couple lying dead and the murderer long gone.  All that remained were the bodies bleeding into the cobblestone.

One of the main ghostly experiences at Glenview Mansion is the appearance of blood along the ground where the driveway once existed.

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  1. I lived here in the 90’s and had some footsteps along my floor while
    Sleeping occasionally… the other units did have more occurrences.

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