Setup a Ghost Video Channel

Setting up Your Own Ghost Video Channel

by Jane Walsh

Anyone that has seen Canada’s The Other Side on television, will know how difficult it is to capture a ghost on video.  They are elusive, mysterious and they show up when we least expect it.

Setup your own ghost video channel
Setup your own ghost video channel

They don’t call it ghost hunting for nothing. However, when you do manage to capture supernatural activity on camera, the recent innovations in smartphone technology mean that you can easily share your footage with others by starting your own ghost hunting video channel. Just keep your smartphone or video camera ready when you are on a ghost tour, – you might be surprised at what you see.

Creating your video channel

It is a good idea to upload and share your videos on YouTube, as there may be other people out there that can shed more light on the events, or that have even witnessed similar hauntings.

Setting up your own video channel is quick and easy. Sign up to YouTube, and in settings, click on “Create a new channel.” You can then give your channel a name and simply click on “Create.” Make sure that in your profile and channel description, you give as much detail as possible, creating relevant hashtags, such as “ghosts,” or “poltergeist” to help optimize it.

Once your channel is set up, you can then create a channel trailer and add banner images to help attract viewers.

What to upload to your channel

When you are filming your ghost footage, you may find that it takes a long time to actually capture some supernatural activity. Ghosts simply don’t perform on demand, so you may find yourself with several hours worth of video.

For instance in Cork in Ireland, Deerpark CBS school were experiencing poltergeist activity. However, they had to capture many hours worth of video overnight, to finally get a minute’s worth of activity on camera. When you are uploading your own ghost videos to YouTube, don’t post hours worth of footage.

Just a couple of minutes is plenty, otherwise your audience may lose interest and stop watching. Make sure you add relevant labels when uploading your video, so that it can be easily found online.

Using Infrared technology

If you want your ghost hunting video channel to stand out from the crowd, then try using infrared technology. It is believed that ghosts exist on a different plain to us – just out of the realms of our vision – infrared can capture this in color.

There are now several infrared smartphone apps, such as FLIR One and Seek Thermal that can help you capture images of ghosts that are invisible to the naked eye.  They are particularly useful if you are taking video footage at night. When you are on a ghost tour, try using this technology to film some of Canada’s infamous spirits.

The videos and images that you upload to your YouTube channel could reveal the truth of what happened in the past.  By sharing them with others, you may even get a valuable insight into the history of the incredible supernatural activity that you have filmed.

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