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Emily’s Bridge Location – – Gold Brook Covered Bridge Gold Brook & Stowe Hollow Roads, Stowe, Vermont, USA – MAP

History of Emily’s Bridge

Emily’s Bridge is really called The Gold Brook Covered Bridge.  Named by a local, who tried and failed at the gold rush of California, only to return and find gold in the waters of this brook.  $200 worth!

It was constructed in 1844 by John W. Smith.  An excellent example of a How truss bridge, patented by William Howe in 1840.

Bridges were covered in the 1800’s, not for the convenience of travelers, but instead to protect the wood construction from rot.  Historians say it’s interesting the new technology was implemented in such a small town so soon after it’s invention by Howe.  They say a near-by sawmill is the reason, and it’s very forward-thinking owner Daniel Dutton.

Around the 1850’s, the bridge would be forever renamed Emily’s after a tragic death born of love.

Photo by MfWills - Emily's Bridge, Stowe, Vermont, USA
Photo by MfWills – Emily’s Bridge, Stowe, Vermont, USA

The Legend – –

Emily of Stowe was forbidden to marry her lover by controlling parents. She planned to elope without their permission, and setup a rendezvous with the man of her dreams at the Stowe bridge.  She arrived and patiently waited, and waited, until long after the agreed time.

Emily gave up and hanged herself from the rafters of the covered bridge.

The Witchcraft Story – –

Some say that in the 1970’s nobody knew about Emily.  Until an interest in witchcraft caused some college students to visit the bridge as a remote spot near water to do spells.

It’s there one student told the story of a young girl, angry at her lover rode recklessly across the bridge in a wagon.  The horse reared back causing the wagon to shake and throwing the girl against the bridge support and then onto the rocks below where she died.


The bridge has been famously haunted since the terrible day of Emily’s death. Strange events such as the scratching of passing horse carriages, and later on cars, have been blamed on her ghost.

Quote’s from all the people who visited (featured at EmilysBridge.com)…

“Emily protects visitors from the demon”
Crystal B
“Did an investigation and there was a male voice on the EVP calling me a bitch… I believe whatever it is, it’s demonic”
Mariah J
“Went to Emily’s Bridge with 2 buddy’s and we were scratched”
Adam L
“I have been to the bridge several times and I can say Emily is there”
Jesse D
“Went with some people and we brought a Ouija Board… I heard a voice say “Get away!””
Kevin M
“When younger I rode my bike through Emily’s Bridge… one time my hand was hurting.  Looked down to see a bite mark”
Jeannette P

The town’s people have always feared the innocent looking bridge from years of legend. To this day those familiar with the ghost have trouble crossing it.

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