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Drummond Hill Cemetery Address – – 6136 Lundys Lane, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada – MAP

History of Drummond Hill Cemetery

The highest peak of Lundy’s Lane, and here, in 1814 began the bloodiest battle of the War of 1812.  Just under 2,000 men died on the land now called Drummond Hill Cemetery.

Didn’t know who to shoot – –

During the battle, smoke gathered. As guns and cannons fired, the air held a fog so thick no soldier could see.

Painting showing the Battle of Lundy's Lane (hanging in the New York State Museum)
Shows the Battle of Lundy’s Lane (hanging in the New York State Museum)

They didn’t know who they were firing on, followed by confusion, frustration and death. For 6 hours they fired into the fog until the battle ended with an American retreat.

Just 5 month later, the War of 1812 ended with the signing of the Treaty of Ghent.


Drummond Hill Cemetery, Niagara Falls, Ontario
From “Our Romantic Niagara” (Tiplin)

A bit about cemeteries – –

It’s our opinion that cemeteries are free of ghosts.

Ghosts come from living energy. It’s why houses are haunted, or sites of tragedy. This is where living energy existed, or a burst occurred with death.

A cemetery is where the body goes when void of this energy. That’s why they are some of the most calm places, like distant nature untouched by progress.

Drummond Hill is different due to the Battle of Lundy’s Lane

Soldier Ghosts – –

Visitors see the fallen soldiers walking across gravestones. Some are limping, dressed as Royal Scots and British Red-Coats, as they trudge up the hill, sadly walking into battle.

The Dark Figures

During a visit by The Ghost Walks (when on a Niagara Ghost Bus Tour), three guests witnessed them.

As the group left the cemetery, through the front gates, one would look back. She screamed out to the others, “Turn around! Look!”
They saw black figures, like shadows hovered behind headstones.

As quick as the figures appeared, they were gone.

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