Can Dogs help you Find Ghosts?

by Jane Walsh

Is Your Dog The Key To Encountering Spirits?

Dogs have 300 million smell receptors in the nose, whereas humans have just six million. What’s more, they have better eyesight in the dark than humans, and have better hearing. With your pooch’s senses so much more heightened than your own, he or she will make the perfect companion for your next Canadian ghost walk.

But how can you be sure that your dog has spotted some ghostly goings-on?

Can Dogs help you find ghosts
Can Dogs help you find ghosts

Signs that your dog has identified that there’s a spirit present

While there’s no way of knowing for definite whether your dog has spotted a ghost, there are plenty of warning signs. Pet psychologist Maarti Miller says that “if you observe a dog standing in the corner, barking at nothing visible, then there’s a pretty good chance that he’s barking at an entity, spirit, or energy that doesn’t belong there.”

This is because dogs are much more in tune with their senses than humans. As such, taking your dog on a ghost walk will enable you to identify where those from the other side are lurking long before your senses alert you.

Keeping your dog calm

30% of pet owners say that their pet protects them from ghosts. This means your dog is likely to display protective behavior as soon as he identifies a spirit on your ghost walk together. It’s, therefore, recommended that you take steps to keep your dog as calm as possible as this will prevent the ghosts from being scared off.

Having a selection of dog toys and treats to hand is a surefire way of keeping your dog happy and content. Toys and treats are also ideal to leave with your hound when you get to an exciting indoor ghostly location which you can’t take your dog in to.

Ghostly tales

The internet is awash with evidence from dog owners who are positive that their four-legged friends regularly see the dead.

One Reddit user who goes by the name VeritasWay says that the Shih Tzu she owned as a teenager freaked out during a ouija board session straight after the name J-O-H-N was spelled out. The pint-sized pooch who apparently never barked suddenly started ferociously barking down a dark corridor and couldn’t be calmed down.

Meanwhile, writer Stanley Coren describes how his colleague’s dog Lambda would suddenly freeze whenever he was walked down a certain trail towards the beach. The hound would then whimper, growl, and stare into a certain bush.  Lambda’s owner later found out that that was the exact spot where a student’s dead body had been found several years previously, which was enough to convince him that Lambda was seeing the student’s ghost time and time again.

Whenever you take part in a ghost walk, there’s a high chance of you encountering some ghostly ghouls.

However, by taking your pet dog along for the trip, you’re much more likely to encounter these figures as pooches are well-known to quickly identify, alert, and even protect their owners from spirits.

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