How to Use Crystals to Contact the Dead

How to Use Crystals to Contact the Dead

by Jane Walsh

Photo by Deena from Pexels
Photo by Deena from Pexels

How to use healing crystals to make contact with the dead

Not only do healing crystals possess a whole range of different healing properties which can help improve health and well-being, amazingly they can be used to bring psychic communication with the dead.

Every one of us has the capability to communicate with spirits, however the first step involves finding out your special gift, once you know this you can tune in to the spirit world.

Discovering your special gift

Your special psychic gift could be anything ranging from aura reading or energy manipulation to clairvoyance or telepathy.  This can often be linked to your personality or communication style.

For example, are you a visual, kinesthetic or auditory learner.  Do you feel you know things and have a strong sense of intuition?  Meditating with Lolite (a beautiful pale blue crystal with a brilliant sparkle) can you help you understand and develop your psychic gifts.

Strengthen your gifts and achieve your purpose

Meditating daily will help you relieve stress and anxiety, enhance a sense of calm, and improve your ability for focus and concentration.  This is needed to communicate with the dead.  Blue crystals, such as Blue Lapis Lazuli Stones are particularly good for aiding psychic development.  Holding one of these while you meditate will help the process happen quickly.

Similarly, Clear Apophyllite Crystals are also considered amongst some of the best stones to help you develop your psychic gift.  These stones are reputed to help someone find their goal and purpose in life.  Explaining why they help you develop psychic gifts and fulfill your purpose of making contact with the dead.

The role of the chakras

All chakras from the throat up are involved in governing psychic communication.

So it is important to open these channels in order to facilitate communication with the dead.  Given that achieving contact is a very powerful process, you will need the help of one of the most potent and dynamic stones.

Pure Amethyst Crystals are one of the most powerful stones available.  They aid significantly in the strengthening and clearing higher chakras.  In turn magnifying your psychic abilities.

Contacting your spirit guide

Through regular meditation and opening of the higher chakras you will eventually be able to contact your spirit guide.  Providing you with a portal to the spirit world so you can communicate with the deceased.

And once practiced and skilled at communicating, your spirit guide may help you make contact with a deceased relatives.

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