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Brock Monument Location – – Niagara Pkwy, Niagara-on-the-Lake – MAP

History of Brock Monument

Brock Monument is the grave of former British General Sir Isaac Brock.

War of 1812

He was our famous General, successfully defending British Canada against the Americans. Then, during the Battle of Queenston Heights, as he charged up the hill with his men a sniper shot him down.

Originally buried at Fort George in Niagara-on-the-Lake, then moved to Queenston Heights.

Brock Monument


Believed to be a statement when a man set off a bomb at the stairs of the monument.

It’s 1840. This was believed to be part of the Upper Canada Rebellion led by William Lyon Mackenzie.

They moved the body to the Hamilton family cemetery located beside Willowbank Mansion. A second, more impressive monument was built and Brock’s body was returned in 1859.

Towering 185 feet into the air, it serves as an amazing reminder to the honour of a great leader during the only war ever fought on “Canadian” soil.


A local man was walking his dog at the base of the hill. He heard an explosion from above, looking up to see lights flashing from the top.
Sounds of muffled cannon fire and muskets exploding in the distance.  The man felt sick as the sounds faded and the lights disappeared.

Drivers traveling along the scenic route will head up the hill.  This is the same one which soldiers charged during the Battle of Queenston Heights.

Brock's Monument, Niagara, Queenston Heights

It’s no surprise night-time drivers will see men crossing the road. Caught in the head lights they notice the accurate red-coats, like British officers. They walk across the road and disappear into the woods.

Pointing or Giving the Finger?

Many are confused by the outstretched hand of Brock’s statue towards the United States. To clear it up, Sir Isaac Brock is pointing… not flipping the middle finger as some have suggested.

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