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Alma Ladies College Location – – Moore Street (at Mcintyre) St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada (Destroyed 2008, Open Field) – MAP


Alma Ladies College was an impressive Victorian school built in 1881.  The solution for giving young women spiritual and educational growth. When opened, there was the main school, a chapel, a meeting hall, and an outdoor amphitheatre.

To this day there are alumni from Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Mexico, the Caribbean and Japan.

Alma Ladies College, St. Thomas, Ontario
Alma Ladies College, St. Thomas, Ontario

Alma Ladies College closed in 1994 due to a lack of registration and funding. For 14 years the town of St. Thomas planned to turn it into a Retirement Home.

And in 2008 a fire broke out and destroyed the entire main building.  Two teens, ages 15 and 16 showed no remorse when being given the maximum fine of 2 years probation.  Also added, 240 hours of community service.

But question remains whether they did it.  The record says they were smoking cigarettes.  They ran from the building after being spotted.  One of kids joked “Wouldn’t it be funny if Alma burned down”.  That kid set a mattress on fire in the basement.

Alma Ladies College, St. Thomas, Ontario - fire destroys building in 2008
Fire destroys building in 2008
Alma Ladies College, St. Thomas, Ontario - The ladies take a picture
Alma Ladies College Original Class Photo

Angela haunted Alma Ladies College.  First noticed in the 1930’s by a teacher.  Telling no one about the ghost until after she retired.

In 1974, author Eileen Sonin publicly wrote about Angela for her book, “More Canadian Ghosts”.  Sonin visited Alma that same year to experience the ghost.  The dean gave her a tour, and showed Sonin to the most common haunted location… the middle tower room.

Nobody knows for sure who Angela is, but one legend says that she was an unpopular music teacher.  Some students locked her in that tower room as a joke.  Then forgot to let her out!  This is where Angela died of starvation.

Alma Ladies College, St. Thomas, Ontario - Current view from the road
Current view from the road (2017)

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