Woodland Plantation

21997 Hwy 23, West Point a La Hache, Louisiana, USA – MAP


Woodland Plantation, West Point a La Hache, Louisiana

Woodland was built in the onetime lost row of West Point a La Hache, which leads out from the Southern tip of New Orleans. The mansion was built in 1830 by Captain William Johnson, a known pirate from Nova Scotia, Canada.

Johnson and his four sons ran a successful sugar plantation, but success couldn’t keep him from his passion. He was a partner to the notorious pirate Jean Lafitte. Lafitte would house his newly bought slaves at Woodland. Those historic slave houses were destroyed in Hurricane Betsy around the 1960’s.

Today Woodland is an Inn offering a unique historical experience. Guests get to stay within a museum.

Woodland Plantation on Southern Comfort label
Southern Comfort Liqueur

The house was made internationally famous by being featured on the Southern Comfort liqueur label.


Historic photo of Woodland Plantation Louisiana, USA

The main ghost of Woodland goes unidentified to this day. Many believe this person lived in the mansion, but are not sure if it was the Johnson family or later occupants.

The ghost will play by moving furniture and paintings, but it is never disrespectful or ever bothers the guests. The owners like the idea of having such a wonderfully interesting and considerate spirit.