Winchester Mystery House

525 South Winchester Boulevard, San Jose, California, USA – MAP


The Mystery House remained “under construction” for over 38 years. Sarah Winchester, the widow to gun magnate William, kept changing the house’s structure from 1884 until her death in 1922.

Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, California, USA

Many considered Sarah to be insane, but being rich allows certain eccentricities. Her friends and neighbours laughed it off and left her to it.

She built the confusing hallways and stairwells after receiving advice from a local psychic who told Sarah the ghosts of all the people killed by the Winchester rifle were after her soul.


Guests were turned away from Sarah’s Winchester home. Even President Theodore Roosevelt was told “Winchester was not opened to strangers” when he paid a visit to the house that guns built.

The only guests she would entertain were the dead ones. When she was alive, a servant’s bell was rung at Midnight, every night, to summon the ghosts to her. It’s a mystery what she would do until the second bell ran at 2am. Servants would only hear her playing the organ.

Sarah enjoyed her wine, until the ghosts told her different. One night she went to the cellar to retrieve a bottle and noticed a black hand print smeared on the wall. She ran from the cellar and never returned believing this to be a warning.

A few years back, famous psychic Sylvia Browne performed a séance at the mansion. The message from Sarah Winchester was clear, “who are these people and why are they in my home?”