Willowbank Mansion

14487 Niagara Pkwy, Queenston Heights, Ontario, Canada – MAP

History of Willowbank

Willowbank mansion was built by Alexander Hamilton, son of merchant Robert Hamilton and brother to George (founder and namesake for the City of Hamilton).

It was built in 1834 as a way to impress. This was trickery, as right from the start they lived beyond their means. Unsuccessful in business, Alexander became dependent on small jobs. He was Postmaster and a court judge, assessor for Niagara and a collector of Customs. Also he served as Sheriff for the small settlement of Queenston.

Willowbank Mansion, Queenston Heights, Ontario, Canada

It was this job that would end Alexander’s life. He was forced to be executioner during the hanging of criminal James Morrow. Many mistakes were made and the criminal suffered, for which Alexander took the blame. He never recovered from the stress, and depression took his life only one year later.

Hannah Hamilton the Ghost

Alexander’s wife Hannah is the active ghost of Willowbank. She was the one who pushed Alexander to be better than his money and show well for the Hamilton name. She wanted everyone to see her as a woman of station, even though it wasn’t true. She loved Willowbank… and that’s why she never left.

Hannah’s been seen in many spots around the mansion, including the main floor parlour. There used to be a piano in this parlour, and at different time’s workers and students at the house would hear it playing. They’d rush to the parlour, and some would see her. After a couple of minutes, Hannah would stop playing, get up and walk across the room, vanishing in the hallway.

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