Waterdown Wraith

Waterdown, Ontario | Centre of Town – MAP

Thanks to the Waterdown-East Flamborough Heritage Society Heritage Paper #155 for being the inspiration of the article

The Walking Wraith of Waterdown

It’s a Sunday in 1934 and Art Hood is driving home. His family chatting away, wife turned to the back seat talking with her kids.

The proud father following along through the rearview mirror. Movement from the road and a figure catches his eye.

A man stands dress in stark white at the side of the road. Loose robes hanging off a tall figure. Art didn’t stop. It’s oddity causing fear for his family.

The white figure plagued Art. In random fields and throughout the town as if it was following him. Despite how it made him look, Art went to the police.

They confirmed no one else saw the strange man in white. The story put to an end until the rumours got out.

Floods of reports from Waterdown residents pour in. New sightings and fear spread. They said he’s tall, over 7 feet high, with huge feet leaving footprints so many inches over a normal shoe size.

This “walking wraith” is terrorising Waterdown.

The wraith is a pervert —
The fourth concession was a famous location for youths to spend time together. Our parents would have called it “parking”. Teens using the empty fields for romantic time.

The once beloved spot now full of dread. Their focus disturbed by the snap of a distance branch snaps or breathing heard from behind the darkness.

They look up to see a white figure appear out of the fog. Slowly it walks to their car, the girl screaming and the guy afraid.

A face covered in white fabric stares in as they drive off. Or did the wraith run into the field? So many reports received revealed just one truth… no one was hurt or killed.

Maybe you detected the sarcasm.

My personal opinion is the wraith at fourth concession was made up. Adults scaring the horny teens of Waterdown as a way to instil Christian values.

Don’t get us wrong —
This doesn’t mean the Wraith didn’t exist.

Necking related sightings aside, there were some legit reports such as Art Hood.

This attracted attention from media and tourists. Most disappointed to find only a cute town with a waterfall. Not a desired basin of horror.

A reporter from The Toronto Evening Telegram did see a white figure running through a field near the fourth concession. The ghost did not glide as one might expect.

It stumbled over to a nearby fence. Holding his breath, waiting for the spectre to pass through steel and wood. The reporter disappointed as the thing jumped up and climbed over.

Scaring her husband —
She hid behind a tree dressed all in white. The woman knew her husband was freaked out by the wraith of Waterdown. On the outside supportive, but inside an amazing joke was brewing.

Her husband now walking back with milk and water. Reaching the tree, his wife jumped out and screamed, “Boo!”

He yelled, she almost laughed, then seeing his arm swing around. The milk bottle smashing over her head.

Realising it was his wife and not a ghost unconscious on the ground, the loving husband wanted to help.

She woke as the full bucket of cold water poured on her face.

The Wraith disappears

Believing the entire event was a hoax puts you in good company. This being popular thought two reasons.

One, the Thompson brothers —
Local boys known genius troublemakers who could run.

The university track stars were suspected in all the fourth concession sightings. Their family farm was nearby, plus the firemen.

Local firemen saw the white figure wandering the fields one night. Quietly they followed the “ghost” home, watching it walk up the Thompson family driveway.

Two, it went away —
Ghosts don’t fade away like an ending movie. The energy sticks around. No one knows for how long. Some ghost occurrences happening for hundreds of years.

Not the Wraith. It lasted to the end of 1934’s summer vacation.

Begging the question, was it ever real, or just a perfect prank pulled off by a couple of fast running medical students?

Either way, this remains one of the most interesting summers for Waterdown.