Safely Use the Ouija Board : Easily Talk with the Dead

How do I use the Ouija Board?

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What is a Ouija Board?

Walk the aisle of your local toy store and check out the board game section.  See that special box, dark with scary fonts to draw you in.  Or maybe it’s pink, or maybe based on the TV show Stranger Things.

But one thing doesn’t change… the name displayed in bold, “Ouija”

Communication with the Dead – –
A successfully run Ouija session is the best way to talk with the dead (or conscious energy of the departed).

Ever watch a psychic run a session?  The planchette moves quickly.  The communication is clear.  This is what I want for you!

To use the Ouija Board with your friends as a way to communicate with…

  1. Departed loved ones
  2. Spirit guides
  3. Conscious energy
  4. Whatever else exists in this strange world.

It’s been my obsession for over 15 years.  Even when very religious folk told me to stop or my soul would be damned.  Happy to say it doesn’t feel damned, and with this method I’ve had the most amazing Ouija sessions

Evil or Misunderstood

Have you seen The Exorcist?

1970’s movie about a little girl possessed by a demon.  There’s a scene with the little girl named Reagan in her basement alone.  Mom walks in to see her playing with a Ouija board.

“Who are you talking to?”  The little girl says, “My friend, Captain Howdy”.

Strangely, this Popular Science issue also in 1920 explaining the Ouija Board
Popular Science issue from 1920 explaining the Ouija Board

A mysterious being communicating with the innocent young girl right before the possession takes hold.  All in a movie reinventing the horror genre, boasting fear induced panic and attacking a then religious ideal.  With the famous line, “Based on a true story”.

The Ouija Board had nothing to do with the real case of a possessed boy in Georgetown.  Yet, the reputation stuck!

QUESTION :: Why are we scared of the Ouija Board?

Negative Energy

Divination uses living energy to connect.  Some think its direct communication with conscious dead people, others from a source (call it God, Yahweh, etc).

I’m not focusing on that, only on how it works.

One person uses a pendulum to tap their psychic ability or divining rods to read surrounding energy… The Ouija board is the only multi-user divination tool.

This makes the Ouija board a focal point.  Many energies raised together, power rising higher and higher, uncontrollable, mixed with ego, anger and stress.

It gets out of control causing negative energy.  This is the only danger and we’ve figured out how to control it.

A Ouija Communicator’s Guide

This article is written to…

  1. make instructions similar to a board game (despite it not being a game)
  2. make it easy to follow as a group activity
  3. make it safe
How to Safely Use the Ouija Board -- booklet
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Everything described here is based on a booklet…
$1 booklet for Kindle or Kobo

3 Simple Rules of Ouija board

  1. Do not treat it like a game
  2. Always say Goodbye
  3. Never use it in your home

That’s over 15 years of tests in some of the most haunted buildings.  Countless Ouija sessions with many experiences leading to a guide for safe use.

SIDE NOTE :: Some have asked, “What about Rule #4?” — Never use the Ouija Board alone?

Not true!  Most people are not psychic enough to cause dangerous negative energy when alone.  Also the Ouija exists for group energy.  No group, no increased energy.

The Team Setup

Setup your Team —
Gather 3 to 5 people for the main group.  You can have many on-lookers.  The more the better for increased energy.

Graphic on how to setup the team
Graphic on how to setup of your Ouija Board Session Team

Assign Roles —
Each main group member has a role…

  • The Leader —
    • 1 person touching the Planchette
    • Controls the session
    • Are allowed to talk
    • Ask all questions
  • The Energizers —
    • 1 to 3 people touching the Planchette
    • Do not speak
    • Do not assume answers
  • The Documenter —
    • 1 person not touching the Planchette
    • Takes notes and deciphers what the dead is saying

Focus is important.  Ensure no team member has a short attention span or considers it a joke.  This creates negative energy, which can cause poor results.

The Leader Role – –
Should be an assertive person who can take control.  Will take center stage for the session and be responsible for leading and making sure the team follows the 3 rules.

They should be standing or sitting in a central position.  Be able to clearly see the board and all of the Energizers.

The Energizers Role – –
Provide energy for the session and that’s it.  They must be calm and silent inside-out.

Focus on the feeling of the planchette under your fingers.  Is it smooth, hard.  Then feel the movement as it speeds around the Ouija Board.  Don’t listen to the Leader or Documenter, just meditate on the feelings to keep your mind silent.

IMPORTANT :: Do whatever it takes to not hear the questions or assume the answers.  Your thoughts can confuse the dead.

The Documenter Role – –
Sit slightly away from the table but can still see the Ouija Board.

Listen to the Leader’s question and mark down the main point of it.  For example if the question is “When did you die?”… you can quickly write “Died?” before the answer.

Write everything the spirit says.  Do not assume the answer.  It’s just one letter or number after another on the page.  When the answer is done then start thinking about it.

NOTE :: Some answers are easy to understand, some are not.  If the spirit is a child or two energies fighting over the session.  Information can get jumbled, so don’t hesitate to call a break if needed (see below).

Taking a Break – –
Take as many breaks as you like.

For a quick break (a couple minutes)…

  1. The Leader stops talking
  2. Make sure 1 person keeps their hand on the planchette to hold the energy

For a long break (more than a couple minutes)…

  1. Say Goodbye
  2. End the session

Surroundings Setup

A dark, candle lit room is ideal.  If not available because of Rule #3 (never use in your home), then outside in a park or cemetery is acceptable.

IMPORTANT :: No matter where the location, just make sure it’s quiet.  No noise and free of disturbance.

Rockwell saw couples using the Ouija at a local dance
The Saturday Evening Post cover also from 1920 — Rockwell inspired by couples at a local dance

The Session —
Some important points…

  • Be comfortable because body pain leads to negative energy
  • Ask passionate questions where you’re excited to hear the answer
  • Remember Rule #2 (always say Goodbye to end)

Some general questions you could ask…

  • “What is you name?”
  • “How old were you when dying?”
  • “What year did you die?”
  • “How did you die?”
  • “Do you have a message for someone in the team?”
    • NOTE : If spirit doesn’t know names, have it point to the person using the planchette

Think of it like an interview.  You’re the Larry King of the dead.

Something goes wrong —
What happens if you fail to stop before negative energy gets out of control?

NOTE :: This is the worst case scenario.  Not like horror movies!  It just gets really uncomfortable.

A perfect example is conveyed by Daniel Cumerlato.  This happened at a haunted gift shop in Hamilton (Ontario, Canada)…

“There were three of us at closing time. My ex, a former tour guide and myself, all too hyped up to call it a night. Sitting at a small round table with a homemade Ouija board, we attempted contact with the shop’s resident ghost.

“Her name was Elizabeth. She made herself known to many psychics who said she didn’t like us being in her home. She communicated with negative energy, to drive us away. We wanted more information.

“The old woman came through. We asked her name, “Elizabeth”. Asked if she hated us, “Yes”. Asked, “Do you want us to leave?”, and the planchette stopped.

“The board didn’t respond, but the room did.

“The air got heavy and hard to breath. We looked over to the dark, empty psychic parlour. The curtain slightly parted and a feeling something was there, watching us. Dread rose until we were forced to leave.

“Ending the session, we said “Goodbye” but the planchette didn’t move. I forced it. We immediately left the shop, and the next day it felt normal again.”

They handled it perfectly.  If this happens to you, remember…

  • End the session by saying Goodbye
  • Pack up and leave the space (slow and careful, no rush)

Know the negative energy will evaporate.

**Example of a standard Ouija session

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