United States of America

White House

This house is a symbol of American freedom, and one of it’s most haunted

Haunted by famous ghosts of American history, including Lincoln who made believers out of skeptics. Fitting considering his family’s belief in the paranormal.

Amityville House

What’s real and what’s fake… either way this is a very haunted place

In 1974, a brutal murder would change the reputation of a small Long Island town. What spawned became American horror movie history, making people question whether the house is even haunted. It is.

Lizzie Borden

Lizzie Borden took an axe…

A name known for the wraith of an unstable mind and murderous child. We dive into the crime and what’s become of her house. Dark Tourism at its best.

Ohio State Reformatory (Mansfield)

The largest abandoned prison in the United States

Made famous by the many movies taped here, but the prison isn’t just a prop. Started out as a symbol for hope. Nothing’s perfect.

Marie Laveau

The famous Voodoo Queen who ran New Orleans

A master of manipulation and people. Marie was as much a leader as a Voodoo priestess. But was she a saint or a devil?

Edgar Allan Poe

America’s first great writer was its darkest

Named after a character from Shakespeare, Poe’s life would be a tragedy. His life, mysterious death and moved corpse.

West Virginia Penitentiary

A history like a horror movie created a very haunted place

Multiple murdered inmates, many executions by hanging and electric chair and even a connection to Charles Manson. This is a unique place.

Rolling Hills Asylum

The poor house for the destitute & disturbed

Part shelter, part hospital, part insane asylum. Rolling Hills is still being explored, but a reminder from the ghosts… “this is not an amusement park”

Alcatraz Prison

The unique island in San Francisco Bay was discovered in 1775…

Charleston Old City Jail

The history of this land dates back to 1738…

Devil Baby of Hull House ~ Chicago

Within the Hull House lives a legend that helped spawn the movie “Rosemary’s Baby”…

Emily’s Bridge in Stowe

The Gold Brook Covered Bridge was constructed in 1844…

Old Fort Niagara in Youngstown USA

The Castle Building of Old Fort Niagara dates back to 1726…

Lake County Poor House

This impressive structure was the Lake County Poor House, a home for the forgotten…

Lemp Mansion

Built in the 1860’s by the head of a local brewery…

Mark Twain House

The Mark Twain House was home to the famous writer for 18 years…

Oak Alley Plantation

Celina Roman has been seen still at the mansion she wanted to leave…

Orleans Inn in Cape Cod

The history of the Inn is extensive…

Trans-Allegheny Asylum

The main building was opened to the disturbed populace in 1864…

Willard Library

This, the oldest library in Evansville was an idea…

Winchester Mystery House

The Mystery House remained “under construction” for over 38 years…

Woodland Plantation

Woodland was built in the onetime lost row of West Point a La Hache…