Toronto Power Station

7230 Niagara Parkway, Allanburg (Niagara Falls), Ontario, Canada – MAP


Built in 1906 as the first Canadian power station in Niagara Falls. In a design known as Beaux-Arts, helping the building obtain Heritage protection in 1983.

The Power Plant goes dark

Toronto Power Station, Niagara Falls

The plant closed in 1974. All functions transferred to the Beck Power Station at Queenston (along the scenic drive).

Much of the original equipment and even chairs and desks are currently inside the building, including basement turbines still backing into Niagara Falls.


The ghost stories of this building are told by urban explorers def… people who gain access to abandoned buildings for documentation and photography.

Turbines were heard from the basement. Strange as power hasn’t run through the building in 40 years.

Other explorers have heard voices. While wandering an area near the original offices and on the plant floor.

Toronto Power Station, Niagara Falls

Whispers and muffled talking through walls, they think it’s just other explorers. Running to greet them, share photos and information, they’re greeted with a dark empty space. The talking has stopped.

Urban Explorers look inside this abandoned building at