Toronto Power Station : Creepy Building

Toronto Power Station – – 7230 Niagara Parkway, Allanburg (Niagara Falls), Ontario, Canada – MAP



Built in 1906 as Canada’s first power station taking advantage of the Niagara Falls.  Made into a Beaux-Arts design which led to Heritage protection in 1983 and being designated a national historic site in 2009.

The Power Plant goes dark

The power station shut down in 1974 when functions were transferred to the Beck Power Station at Queenston.

Toronto Power Station, Niagara Falls
Historic Aerial shot of Toronto Power Station


Much of the original equipment down to desks and chairs were left behind.  This includes the original basement turbines that still back into Niagara Falls.

UPDATE :: Under the watchful eye of the Niagara Parks Commission, renovations and updates will most likely be done to the building.  The goal is to prepare it for a modern use.


The ghost stories of this building are told by urban explorers, aka people who gain access to abandoned buildings for documentation and photography.  Their motto, “Leave it as you found it”

Wandering inside at the dead of night hearing only the muffled sounds of rushing water.  Explorers have said the building will start to rumble.  Their guess it’s the sounds of basement turbines firing up.  It’s strange because power hasn’t run through the building in 40 years.


Others have been with small groups wander one part of the building.  They’ve heard voices from the original offices and plant floor.

Toronto Power Station, Niagara Falls
Toronto Power Station – – Current Day

Said it was whispers, muffled talking through walls.  Thinking it’s another group of urban explorers, they run to greet them wanting to show off their photographs and talk about the building.  Around the corner and into a dark empty space as the talking stopped and they see the room is empty.

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