Top 10 Ghost Photos

Most Famous Ghost Photos from around the world

Number 10

Tombstone, Arizona (Boothill Cemetery) – –

Boothill Cemetery in Arizona

“This is the photo that changed my opinion about ghost photos! I personally shot this of my friend standing in Boothill Cemetery near the famed town.

“Had it developed at Thrifty Drug Store. No one tampered with it! Shot in black and white because my friend wanted the old west look.

“I know there was no other person in this photograph. If you look carefully, the person in the background appears to be holding a knife.”

Photo was taken in 1996 when they visited the legendary Wild West town of Tombstone, Arizona. Famous for the showdown at the OK Corral, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday and the many movies made about them.

Number 9

Brown Lady of Raynham Hall – –

Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

Most iconic ghost photo in history.

Believed to be the captured image of Dorothy Townshend. She haunts Raynham Hall and has been witnessed by many since 1835.

In the early 1700’s, Dorothy lived at Raynham with her husband Charles who had a temper on his best days. He became out of control when catching Dorothy cheating with Lord Wharton (an infamous player).

Charles locked her in a room, a person cell inside Raynham. Dorothy remained there until her death by smallpox in 1726.

The photo was taken in 1936 when researchers from Country Life Magazine visited. They saw the “vapoury form”, rushed to uncap and set off the camera.

Investigator Harry Price, famous for exposing fake spiritualists in the early 1900’s, interviewed the researchers. Reporting to the media, “Will say at once, I was impressed”

Number 8

Stairway in National Museum of Greenwich – –

Stairway in Queen's House at National Museum of Greenwich

In 1966, Reverend Ralph Hardy snapped this picture inside Queen’s House section of the National Maritime Museum of Greenwich, England.

Just wanting a photo of the Tulip Stairway, he never expected what came through.

Many have noted the strange look of this photo. This has caused a few to dismiss it.

Upon investigation, the image angle is from underneath a spiraling staircase. The left side is a view underneath, the ghost is standing on the actual stairs.

This area of the Queen’s House is known for ghostly happenings, such as footsteps and many sightings.

Number 7

Lord Combermere – –

Lord Combermere in his favorite chair

Taken in 1891 by the Lord’s sister-in-law, Sybell Corbet. Her sister had been dead for 22 years when she returned for the funeral of Lord Combermere himself.

He died from heart failure seven weeks after being run over by a horse-drawn carriage. Whether related is unknown.

Sybell was staying at the Abbey. On the day of his funeral in December of 1891, she was taking photos of the house. Snapped one of the Lord’s favourite chair.

When developed they all saw the man, as if slowly rising from the chair. Servants and family members were all convinced this figure looked just like Lord Combermere.

Number 6

Faces on S.S. Watertown – –

Face on the water below the S.S. Watertown

In December of 1924, seamen James Courtney and Michael Meehan were cleaning out a cargo tank. Focused, working, and unable to smell gas slowly leaking into the confined space.

They died in the tank while the boat was far from shore.

Crewmen had a funeral on the boat, honouring the men before dumping their bodies into the ocean. A day later the dead men returned.

They saw James and Michael walking around the ship. Later they moved into the water. The crew looking over to see faces staring back from the waves.

Captain Keith Tracy had a camera. During one ghostly experience, he leaned over and snapped this photo.

Number 5

Mabel’s Mom – –

Mabel Chinnery's mom in the backseat of their car

Mabel Chinnery walked from her car to her mom’s grave inside the cemetery.

Her husband was tired, back in the car.

She tended to the grave and started back, looking up to see her husband staring back, a smile across his face.

Mabel brought a camera, to take pictures of the grave. She snaps a photo of her husband, gets in the car and they drive home.

It’s 1959, no digital cameras and developing film was a big deal. Eventually it’s done, looking at the photo of her beloved husband before noticing what was in the backseat.

Her dead mother. Mabel is positive the woman looks just like her mother.

Number 4

Freddy Jackson – –

Freddy Jackson after death by airplane propeller

In 1919, air mechanic Frederick (Freddy) George Jackson was working on a plane.

The details of the accident are unknown. The men finding Freddy laying on the tarmac after walking into a moving propeller.

They said he died instantly. That he felt no pain. But skeptics believe Freddy was rushed to a hospital before dying. Maybe this was to save the Jackson family some grief.

Two days later, the final squadron photo was to be taken. They gathered with heavy hearts, just coming from Freddy’s funeral. They thought the photo would be one man short. It’s wasn’t.

Freddy knew about the photo before his death. Maybe his residual energy just showed up because it was set on that path.

He was there, just behind another soldier in the top row. Freddy’s face recognized by his fellow soldiers.

Number 3

The Monk – –

The monk in church North Yorkshire, England

In 1963, Reverend Ford was taking pictures of his church in North Yorkshire, England.

Clicking every angle, he saw nothing strange when snapping the altar.

When developed, the image to the right, wearing robes with a mask over its face. Some say it wears the robes of a 16th century monk. Other focus on the mask, worn for leprosy or disfigurement (like the Elephant Man).

Another odd point is the alter’s height compared to the figure. It’s 9 feet tall.

Extra research was done due to the blatant look of being a Victorian era double exposure. It’s said this is not the case.

Number 2

Myrtles Plantation, near New Orleans – –

The slave girl at Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana

The slave girl’s name was Chloe. She served Plantation owners Clarke and Sara Woodruff.

Was Chloe the forced mistress of Clarke, or did she mistakenly overheard family secrets? We don’t know. Either way, she was punished and this made Chloe seek revenge.

She baked a cake for Sara’s birthday, lacing ingredients with poison. She wanted Sara dead, but ended up killing the Woodruff children when they ate the cake.

Chloe was found out. The other slaves took action when fearing a mass punishment. To prove their loyalty, Chloe was dragged behind the main house and hanged.

In 1992, the owner of Myrtles took this photo of the side house’s roof for an insurance company. To the right stands a dark figure, believed to be the famed Chloe.

Number 1

Madonna of Bachelors Grove – –

The Madonna at Bachelor's Grove Cemetery near Chicago, USA

The abandoned cemetery near Chicago, USA would have been forgotten if not for its history and ghosts.

Once part of a small English settlement. Then gaining fame in the 1920s as a dumping ground for bootleggers like the famed Al Capone.

Paranormal investigators focused on the Grove after photo was taken in 1991 by one of their own, Judy Huff Felz.

After many investigations, other spirits were exposed. Such as a farmer plowing the field, monks as taking part in a retreat, a black dog, and phantom cars driving up to the gates.