The Jester’s Court

279 Queen Street, Scugog (Port Perry), Ontario, Canada – MAP


The house today known as The Jester’s Court Restaurant was built for local Freemason James Good.

Jester's Court, Port Perry, Ontario

Good was the lucky survivor of the Port Perry fires.

The first fire was in 1883 behind the town hotel in the blacksmith shop. Winds carried the flames and destroyed half the town.

Only one year later, a second fire broke out. Winds were heavier and spread it to most of the downtown shops. By morning everything was gone.


Two poltergeists (violent or noisy spirits) have startled employees of the restaurant. One, a woman in a blue dress, sneaks up behind employees and gives great big bear hugs. The second is an old woman known for stealing items off shelves and throwing them around the restaurant.

A group of contractors hired to renovate where seen running and screaming out of the house on one sunny afternoon. They talked about the old woman who through salt and pepper shakers at them.

When the restaurant is closed, an old couple has been seen sitting at Table #13. They never stop what seems to be an intense conversation.