How to Ghost Hunt

The best method of Ghost Hunting

The 3 Proven Methods of Ghost Hunting
By Daniel Cumerlato (owner, operator of The Ghost Walks)

Take it from me. Real ghost hunting is hard.

I have over 15 years experience in the paranormal. Took part and led countless hunts in houses and businesses. Today I run Ghost Walks for a living.

Over these years I’ve tried to create the best method for real experiences.

I’ve hosted events in haunted buildings under the pressure of 50 expectant and watchful eyes. Failure means nothing happened, but it’s so powerful when things do.

So for the sake of my business reputation, this 3 step evening was born under fire. From this successful itinerary comes one of the most effective ways to ghost hunt.

#1, Stir things up with a Séance
Not all haunted buildings are haunted all the time.

An investigator can easily walk in when the place is cold. The goal, make it hot.

You’ve heard the theory. Renovations cause experience because it stirs up energy. You don’t have to sledgehammer a wall; there’s another way. The traditional séance!

For details read our article, How to run a Seance.

Here’s an overview…

  • Gather your ghost hunters into a
    circle around a chair (and/or table)
  • Have one person sit in the middle with a
    communication device (pendulum, rods or Ouija)
  • Stand close to each other
    or if the guys are okay with it, hold hands
  • Focus on the silent energy in the room
  • Have one person call on the spirits
    Call by name or description if you know who’s haunting
  • Communicate through the communication device

Keep it up for about 20 minutes, or until the air fells heavy or the room feels haunted

#2, Wander time
After the Séance, your team then wanders the location.

Up to you how to split people. Just ensure they have tools at the ready including the one everyone needs, a smart phone.

Each member can use the phone to sound or video record everything they see. If something occurs, they make a note of the recorded time (to save watching boring footage later).

Video is ideal, if possible for image and sound anomalies at the same time.

Tell them, if something happens make a quick decision whether or not to call out. I would recommend they stay quiet. Just record and make notes of what occurred.

No need to ruin the quiet or mistakenly create a fake EVP.

#3, Final Gathering
The team files back into the “séance room” as they get bored, lack results or just tire from walking around.

Set a solid end time as some are more determined than others. Those folks continue for hours and hours, until others get annoyed.

This negative energy dampens the experience as all energy is connected, living or dead. Our feelings mix with the environment, which is why angry people should never use a Ouija.

It’s important to keep things light and calm.

Once everyone’s back, sit in a circle and start from one end of the room. Go to each ghost hunter and have them talk about experiences. If a hunter has nothing, go to the next person.

It’s amazing how when one team member shares, then the quiet ones pipe up with, “I felt that too” or “I saw something in that room”.

Keep the room open. You want folks to interrupt as it’s a conversation not a speech. Make sure everyone’s had a turn to talk.

Wrap it up or Continue on

The leader/host/coordinator needs to pay attention.

Make note of…

  1. The common experiences
  2. The most active rooms and areas
  3. The overall energy of the place

From this they determine whether it’s worth a return visit and where to focus the hunt. Over time even the style of séance can be tailored to a location.

For example
The Custom House in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

I hosted over 30 hunts inside this haunted building.

Over the years tailoring the séance, the timing and the best tools to employ. After 10 or so nights we almost guaranteed results. So powerful.

If you’re interested, here is the successful method

  1. Séance with Ouija communication
  2. Strong reaction to EMF detectors and pendulums
  3. Areas were basement vault and attic

Used this every time and was amazed every time.